Friday, July 30, 2010

Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me

Today makes 1 complete week I have been on Herbalife shakes. Not sure how I feel about it yet. Before the boys (I have 3 of them) I was always the skinny girl who was athletic but never really had to work at it. Never needed to watch what I ate or worry over my weight. Then I got pregnant with my 1st child. You know those super cute pregnant people with nothing but the belly? Yeah, definitely not me. I went from being the skinny girl to ... well, a really big girl. And yeah I was pregnant but I seriously gained 60 pounds with my 1st guy. 60! I get pregnant and I get puffy and just big everywhere, it was terrible.
In 9 months I managed to take off 45 pounds, which at the time I didn't think was a big deal but looking back that was pretty impressive. I had only 15 to go and I was pregnant again. With twins. (I'll spare you the math, in the span 18 months I had 3 boys.) Gained about 50 pounds more with the twins, but I was carrying 2 and I made it to 39 weeks with them.
But this time taking off the weight was um... different. The 1st time I was in proportion everywhere, but not the second. I'm stuck with this stomach I can not seem to lose no matter what I do. Just before the summer began I joined our local YMCA and worked out every day for a month straight, even stopped drinking soda and drank alot more water. Know what happened? I GAINED 4 POUNDS! Seriously!
I recently reconnected with an old friend who lived in my suite in college and she sells Herbalife. I was totally skeptical. The old skinny girl physical education major inside of me screams nooo, this is NOT healthy! And yet I tried it anyway. After 1 week of shakes for breakfast & lunch I have only lost 1 pound. One pound. Which is better than gaining, but still a bit disappointing. I have however lost 11 inches in 1 week. Not too bad! Wait, did I mention 2 of those iniches came off my chest? The ONE place I want the weight kept. HOW does that happen?!
So, I think I'm going to try sticking with this for at least a month. Did I mention my 15 year high school reunion is next month? Um hmm. I was senior class president back in the day so I get to plan these reunions Forever! We didn't have a 5 year and at the 10 year I was 9 months pregnant with my 1st child. Everyone greeted me with an 'Oh My God!'
Never thought I'd be that girl with the body image problem, or who worried and stressed over weight. I would not change my 3 beautiful boys for anything in this world, but oh how I wish I could again look like the skinny me.


  1. I haven't been the "skinny me" since 1999 when I got pregnant with my first one. I didn't gain a lot of weight (only 25) but I didn't lose the weight, had to bury the baby and then got pregnant again right away...gained ANOTHER 25 lbs, though I am shocked it isn't more because I was also dealing with depression and anxiety and on like 3 different meds AND pregnant.

    After I had my 3rd baby, who turns 7 in September, I still haven't done much about my weight. At one point I was down to 140 but another ugly roll with depression took care of that quick.

    The fact of the matter is, our bodies change drastically with childbirth. The people that go back to being skinny right after are anomalies, or anorexic or bulimic, I think. You'll be fine, because people don't like you for your size, they like you cause you are an awesome, kind woman!

    And if anyone at the reunion says ANYTHING to you about your weight, tell your husband and have him punch them in the face. Or if it's a girl, bitch slap her! hehe.

    Trust me, quite a few of us in the class of '95 are not the skinny bitches we were in high school. yours truly, of course, included in that lot!

  2. thank you cissa! i have a better idea, i'll send them right over to you at the skype counter, lol!