Monday, July 28, 2014

The Saga of Mr. Monkey

Mr. Monkey has been with us since before the Big Guy was born. I was pregnant with him - my first baby - and Lianne and Mike gave him to me. I put him aside knowing that he would be THE stuffed animal. The one that never leaves a child's side.

Only because I didn't have time to pull up all the photos from our old BabyCorbo website tonight, I pulled the oldest ones I could find with Mr. Monkey from Facebook.

They were together from the beginning, and no matter where the Big Guy went, Mr. Monkey came too.

These days he may act more like a 15 year old than an 8 year old - and Mr. Monkey has been staying behind the last few years (with the exception of big things like the shark tooth being removed) - but he's still always there at night. The "stuffed-da animal" (as the boys always called them) of choice.

This morning I heard sobs like I don't think I have ever heard before. Something was different. The twins brought the Big Guy over to me and he was devastated. Holding Mr. Monkey in one hand and his eyes in the other, trying to tell me that Captain America was eating him in his crate, tears streaming down his face. Puncture holes all over his little fur.

My heart broke for the Big Guy as I hugged them to me. I promised we could fix him. I got the kids ready, put Mr. Monkey in my pocketbook ... and straight out to the craft store we went. The twins tried to cheer the Big Guy up on the way. The Doodle Bop said he should get him Google Eyes. The Bunny Bee thought it would be cooler to get him two eye patches and rename him Pirate Mr. Monkey.

We went through the aisles and settled on a package of eyes that looked about the right size. I put him in the washer and dryer when we got home.

Later, I found the boys all talking to Mr. Monkey. Or maybe it was more like yelling. Into his eyes.

He doesn't have eyes to See - he can still hear with his ears!, I laughed.

The boys laughed too ... but continued to talk into his eyes so they could be heard better ... or something. When the boys went to wrestling practice tonight we started the surgery. Well, truth be told, Al performed the surgery. I wasn't getting the eyes in right so Al took over while I assisted and took photos.

There was so much damage we couldn't really sew where I wanted to. We had to break out the big guns. The Kragel if you will.

He doesn't exactly look the same anymore, and he's not soft around the eyes anymore because of the way the glue hardened, but he has eyes and he can see again. It's a Mr. Monkey Miracle!

(And I may or may not totally be shopping for the second Mr. Monkey that I should have purchased 8 years ago for just in case something ever went really wrong with this one.) We made it through the baby stage, the toddler years, crazy younger twin brothers ... but I'm not sure we will survive the Captain America puppy years.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

All Things Sex Tape and LA

A day later than promised, but suspense is good right?

My first blog post about the Sex Tape movie press junket went up on Tuesday at The Mommyhood Chronicles. It meant so much to me that Melissa sent me to LA in her place last week. I had an absolute blast.

I said goodbye to my boys at the airport early Wednesday morning

and met up with longtime online friend Rachel (so fun to finally meet in person), Dr Daisy and Sarah at the airport. Shortly after, we were checking into the beautiful Four Seasons in Beverly Hills by early afternoon California time. As is our tradition from all the press trips I used to go on, once I was settled into my room I had a video chat with the boys. I have to show them every spot of my room and even outside on the balcony - which they thought was so cool. I have to admit, it was an awesome view.

That night we took a bus to the AMC Century City 15 to see the Sex Tape movie premiere.

I sat with Heidi and Jess and we laughed the entire time. All I really knew going in was from the description from Sony.

When Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) first got together, their romantic connection was intense – and though they’re still very much in love, ten years and two kids have cooled the passion. To kick things up a notch, they decide – why not? – to make a video of themselves trying out every position in THE JOY OF SEX in one marathon three-hour session. It seems like a great idea – until they discover that their most private video is no longer private. With their reputations on the line, they know they’re just one click away from being laid bare to the world... but in their race to reclaim their video, they'll find that it will expose even more than they bargained for.

Cameron Diaz plays a mom blogger. I'm a mom blogger. She's in her 30's, married 10 years with kids. Um ... in my 30's, married 10 years (together 20) and yes ... 3 kids. There is this part early on in the movie where Jay and Annie talk about how they would love to spend some time alone ... and think about scheduling it for a Thursday maybe. It was both hilarious, and so true ... because you get to a point where all you are doing is working, shuffling the kids to their next activity (wrestling practices and swim for us currently), or trying to get the laundry done because oh my gosh when else is it going to get done. I can not tell you how many nights I end up crashing on the couch next to my husband and vegging on whatever we have on the DVR. And it was not always like that. This movie is incredibly relatable for so many reasons.

The start and end of the movie was a little surprising to me. Lets just say there is a lot of getting it on. It was a little shocking at first ... but it's also awkward and funny and it really does work with the movie. If you are offended by strong language and several (several) sexual situations, this movie will not be for you.

Who is the movie for? As Cameron said during her interview with us, the movie is about two people who really love each other. They know that they have married the right people, aren't having a hard time ... they are just having a hard time having THIS part of the relationship.

It was an incredible experience getting to sit down and interview director Jake Kasdan, as well as actors Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz. When my boys filmed their parts in American Hustle, I got to see first hand everything a director has to do when everyone is on set. And it fascinated me. Getting to sit down and ask Jake about how he chose to film pieces of Sex Tape was like a dream come true.
It was equally as exciting to be able to ask Jason and Cameron questions about their experience. For more on those interviews - and to see what Cameron really said in that Esquire interview about having kids (it's not at all what you think!) see my post on Melissa's blog here.

Sex Tape opens in theaters tomorrow, July 18th.

I feel like it's a must see. I can't wait to take my husband and see it again - and I recommend that all my married friends who have busy lives and kids at home take their significant others and see it as well. You won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Thunderstorms edition

Thunderstorms equal a teary kid, and a dog who isn't allowed on the bed - refusing to leave the bed.

Monday, July 14, 2014

LA baby

So my babies turned 7. It actually happened. I wished for a way to keep them 6, but time moves on anyway.

We celebrated with dinner that night at Chelo's Waterfront (as has been tradition) and then headed out to Hope to see the fireworks. The boys could not stop talking about how it felt like the fireworks were just for their birthday. I could not get enough of the smiles on all of their faces.

I make it to my summer office (also known as the beach) about 3 days a week and the weather has been amazing - up until today. Looking at 3 days straight of forecasted thunderstorms has me disappointed. The beach is calling me. I did need to slow down a bit and catch up on so many other things though, so maybe it is what I needed after all.

Last week I started helping Calm-A-Mama with their social media. Calm-A-Mama is homeopathic healing for anxiety, insomnia and more. Flower remedies for moms, dads, kids, and even pets. I am really excited about this company!

I also made a last minute trip out to LA last week for the Sex Tape movie press junket with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel. Amazing time. I feel like a piece of me belongs in LA and I can't wait to share the trip with you. I was able to go on my friend and blogger (at The-Mommyhood-Chronicles) Melissa Pezza's behalf as she welcomed her baby girl into the world. I am currently working on a post to be featured on her blog for tomorrow about the trip. I will follow up here with another post about LA on Wednesday.

I can't believe how much I needed to just go away and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity. When I stopped writing and traveling for 5 Minutes for Mom, I started working on social media for local businesses as the next transition for me. My current clients include Envious Swimming, Dream Big Gymnastics, Calm-A-Mama ... and I also write the weekly blog for Launch Trampoline Park.

With the boys trying to pursue an acting career - and still making sure they take time to just be kids along the way - I felt like my own blog here was at a crossroads. What to post, if I should give it up after all these years ... writing is a part of me but I was definitely feeling stuck. Being in LA, even though it was just for two days, made me realize how much I did love to travel and write. I feel like it was something I had started to forget. How many people can say they drove race cars on a professional track in New Orleans, drove a Mercedes around New Mexico, got to go on a Disney trip, got to interview Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal ... and so much more. Writing has taken me amazing places, and with the support of my husband and kids I have truly been blessed.

LA gave me time to do a little soul searching. This is still what I want to do. And I made some amazing new friends as well.

Stick with me as I get back to a regular posting schedule here.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Six into seven

Here we go. The time has come.

The boys and I actually spent the last three days at the beach. It has been really nice to be out with them so much this week.

OK, we've been out a little too much - but the ocean is my happy place and the boys have had a good time. For a short while tonight at the gym, I actually forgot that tomorrow was the big day.

My babies will turn seven in the morning.

I have so much to say to - or about - these cuties, but I am having trouble putting it all into words. They were by far the scariest surprise that turned out to be one - make that two - of the 4 best things that have ever happened to me. (The others being my husband and the Big Guy.)

My little movie stars have had quite the ride over the last six years. I can not even begin to imagine what the next year will bring for them. We tucked them into bed tonight as they talked excitedly about waking up and being a whole year older in the morning. The Big Guy yelled from the next room that they would both "be a man" in the morning. (Which has been a running joke between the 3 of them ... apparently seven equals adulthood around here.)

Tonight we will decorate their room with streamers and signs before we go to sleep. In the morning they will get their light up birthday buttons (or in this case light up birthday bow ties this year). While the storm may derail our original birthday plans for them, we will come up with something just as amazing.

My Bunny Bee (buzz buzz) and my Doodle Bop (pop pop) - I love you guys and wish you another amazing year.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer days

Has it really been nearly 2 months since I last blogged here?

I've hit a rut.

I think about it at least once a day, but something ... else ... always gets in the way. Or I open up a new post and stare at it, waiting for something to come. But nothing does. Which is crazy because it isn't like we aren't doing anything. We have been on the go more than we are home lately.  Homeschool is finished. And I feel like THIS

Al and I have managed to get out a little bit. I had almost forgotten how nice it feels to spend some time without the boys in tow here and there.

We hosted a 6 boy sleepover a few weeks ago. Um ... we might be waiting for our next - bigger - house to host one of those again ... but the kids had a great time! (Right up until they finally fell asleep at 2am.)
The boys spent an afternoon with some friends helping to feed the homeless last weekend. We were so proud of what a great job all the kids did.
The boys and I have been hitting up the beach. Three times in less than a week ... and I wish it was more. Hello Summer! Love my little surfers.

Even though it was cool outside this morning I was ready to pack the car, call my sister in law, and drag them all down anyway ... till the boys revolted and decided to stay home. Um, who are these kids. They can't be mine because I could spend Every summer day beaching it.

Instead we stayed home (minus the trip to the market to order the twins cake).

There is something that is breaking me down. The twins turning 7.

For more than a few reasons I feel like I have not been able to get out of my own way lately. Being in limbo over the house being sold, where the boys will be in school for September, backup plans for everything ... I even skipped the gym Wednesday night, missing the workout with the girls. And I really look forward to that workout.

As I sat home beating myself up over what was wrong ... it started to hit me. All the things I mentioned are definitely contributing, but oh my god, my babies are turning 7 next week. Officially. SEVEN. How do I have babies that are going to be 7. I don't even think I can take it ... because you know, they were just ....

this big and all like yesterday. Wasn't it?

Right now we are planning for their friend party this weekend, and I am telling myself that I will be OK next week when the actual day hits. Because right now, they are still 6. And maybe I can find a way to stop time over the next few days.

I have also been struggling a little with what exactly to Put in this Space of mine. Once upon a time I blogged nearly everything. Very little was off limits. As the boys get older, they have started to tell me what I can blog, Facebook, Tweet ... it's sort of funny.

Put this online.

Don't put that online though. (And so on.)

The more things that happen with their careers as well, I know I will have to re-examine things. No new movies yet, but the Doodle Bop has done a few commercials and actually caught the first one airing last week while he happened to be watching TV.

It's a pretty quick one, but here is the one I could pull from YouTube.

For now, I'm just going to take things slow. Blog here and there, see what comes. Re-evaluate as we go along.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

                                             An entire week later and it still cracks me up.