Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Class President

Wow do I have some catching up to do. I don't really love the bullet posting, though it would make things much easier. Well, maybe I'll just tell one story at a time from over the last few weeks.

My reunion. It's what has consumed so much of my time over the last 2 months (until 2 weeks ago when we had it that is). Guess I should give you some background first. I, was president of my senior class. Which of course means I get to plan each and every reunion we decide to have ForEVER! All these years later I can look back and actually say what I knew then, but couldn't put into words. I should not have been senior class president. Truth be told I didn't really want it. I was that girl in high school who did everything. I didn't have the best grades by any means, but I played sports and was a member of a lot of activities. A LOT.

Sports were my love but really only field hockey. I wanted to play tennis and volleyball more than anything, but my dad wanted me to play softball instead so field hockey and softball I played. Junior year I think I was on the newspaper committee when the editor quit at the start of the school year - so I stepped up and became the editor (which did not end so great for me). Why? Because I had so many activities going I didn't have the time to devote to any just one like I should have.

The end of junior year rolled around and that's when you would run for senior class president. I had been involved with student council but rarely went to the meetings. My dad said you should run for senior class president. I? Ran for senior class president. I can laugh at this now but it was terribly embarrassing at the time. I was on the school radio station (which is not nearly as cool as it sounds - we weren't allowed to play any music, just read the announcements) and if I wasn't reading them for the day I was not paying attention to what was said. So I missed the first meeting about running for class office, even though I'd signed up. When the day started to start the campaigns, I came into school early armed with signs galore my girlfriends had helped me make. Including the now Infamous slogan my mother - yes I said mother - came up with. "All the way with Liza Rae" Yeah, and for some reason at 17 my girlfriends & I didn't see a problem with this until after we posted it all over the entrance to the library and the librarian gasped and everyone else asked what we were thinking.

The other kids running for office were furious I had postered the whole school because they'd decided at the meeting not to campaign like that this year - no signs. I remember apologizing profusely to my English teacher who ran the class council and telling him I would take the signs down immediately. No he smiled, keep them up. He said he was disappointed they had chose not to put signs up and he would allow it. I remember that day they were rushing around putting up signs on notepaper until they could get other stuff in.

And so began my run for senior class president. It was the popular kids that would run, no one else. I was not one of them ... I had a lot of friends, but I more had some friends from every group. I was definitely not in that "popular" clique. I never even really thought I would win the election, I just ran because my dad said I should (because I always did what he said I should for some reason).

I thought I would die making speeches in front of the whole class, but I survived. And when it came time to finally vote I remember so many people coming up to me telling me I would be president, that everyone was voting for me. I really didn't believe it, I thought it would be the same kids that always win.

The afternoon they announced the winners, they announced the president last. I will never forget the way the girl said my name over the loudspeaker (like she couldn't believe she had to say it). When my name was said all my classmates started to congratulate me, I was shocked to say the least.

I had no idea what I was doing. Senior year I was on so many activities I could not juggle everything. I relied on a friend on the council to give me the lowdown on what was what. I never missed a meeting but I ticked a lot of the "popular" kids off with my decisions. By the end of the year though, I'd like to think we all got along.

Super long story short, this is how it now falls on me to plan the reunions. We didn't have a 5 year because at the time we were all so busy there was really no one who was willing to take the time and plan one with me. We did hold a 10 which in my opinion was a Huge success. We had no class list to work from and no money. The school had changed they way they did things and without notifying us took the money from our account and alphabetized everyone who had ever attended the school instead of putting everyone in order by graduation year.

We ended up with 120 of us at a bar and had a great time. Well, most of us had a great time. I was 9 months pregnant with my first son and super uncomfortable, but we really pulled it off. This is where I'll end for now - tomorrow I'll blog about the 15 now that I've given you the background.

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