Monday, September 13, 2010

grown-up events, burps, acts of defiance and laughter

my sister's bridal shower was yesterday. she looked beautiful, it was a good time. there were some behind the scenes things that i am still pretty irked over. as many times as i tell myself i just need to let some things go it's easier said than done.

thought i'd share a few things that have made me smile between yesterday and today. my husband brought the boys to the end of the shower yesterday so they could say hi to everyone and have some food after while we did the cleanup. he read them the full riot act in the truck on the way over about being on their best behavior.

they got there as everyone was eating dessert and my sister was finishing opening the end of her presents. one of my 3 year olds was sitting at a table with his back to the gifts being opened. he took a break from eating his cupcake to turn around, face my sister and yell 'I'M SORRY AUNTIE, I JUST BURP-ADID BUT I SAID EXCUSE ME!' i was mortified he felt the need to announce it to the whole shower but i also laughed so hard i nearly cried.

today my 4 year old stayed home from pre-K, exhausted from the long weekend and not feeling so hot. i had 1 errand to run this morning that could not wait - i bribed all 3 boys with a donut from dunkin donuts if they could just behave until i was done. chaos ensued and i told them they would NOT be getting their donuts. i pull into the dunkin donuts drive thru after my errand to get a much needed coffee. i turn around, tell the boys to quiet down and stop crying. the voice over the speaker asks what i would like and as i open my mouth to answer, i hear this voice yell as loud as he can 'YES I WOULD LIKE A DONUT PUH-LEASE!!!' i turn around shocked to see my 4 year old staring me down, and then the twins start yelling out their orders as well.

on one hand i wanted to laugh my butt off, but on the other hand i could not Believe they had just done this. i had to apologize and give my coffee order THREE times so i could be heard over their donut orders. we get home, i start to clean the kitchen and the boys all scatter into different rooms. i see the leftover cupcake boxes on the counter from yesterday's shower all knocked down. and i ask the boys who ate a cupcake and they all looked shocked. not me's all around, including a 'maybe it's just hiding'. mmm hmm.

speak to my husband at work and he can't stop laughing about all this. sure, it's funny to you i say, you're not here dealing with them. you know what though? it is freaking funny. and then i could laugh about it a bit.

i want my boys to be well behaved and little gentlemen at all times, but sometimes i guess i forget that they are only 3 and 4... and Boys. i have to say though, i never would have tried to pull any of that with my own parents ... i hope that doesn't speak to my parenting skills.


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