Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pity party, party of 1

Pity party, party of 1.
That would be me, and here we are on day 3 - with no end in sight.
The worst part of it? I feel like I have no right to be feeling so bad for myself.

I seriously have the greatest husband in the world. This man is now working 2 jobs so we can get a bigger house and yard for the boys and upgrade our cars. He has a weekday job. And now 4 of those weekdays he rushes home to spend about a half hour with the boys and then heads off again to his night job... plus he works saturdays now... making sundays his only day off.

He's sacrificing so much. The boys are still asleep when he leaves for his first job. They are asleep for the night when he gets home from the second. He's missing the rest of the big guy's soccer games this season, and he'll only make it to half of the twins hockey practices.

When I was pregnant with the twins he was working two jobs and I HATED IT. I was at home taking care of a baby who didn't like to sleep and had two more babies on the way. I would have done cartwheels if I could have when he cut back to one job because I needed the help at home so much. I have taken our routine the last few years for granted. He helps with everything he can, and jumps right in when he gets home so I can get a break from the kids when I need it. Which is um, almost always.

Three days ago though, he started the second job and I have been struggling to get through. I get the kids up (if they haven't already woken me up that is), breakfast, dressed... school for the big guy... all the things we always do. Only now there are no breaks really and it's just me putting the boys to bed (which does NOT come fast enough these days). As for sports, I'm about to become a hockey mom trail by fire this weekend when I have to take the twins to the ice rink and get them in skates, padding & helmets by myself. Did I also mention the big guy has also been home sick from school for the last 2 days? It's been 2 days since I have left the house.

So here I am, having a pity party for myself... feeling really guilty for feeling this way though, because I know why my husband is doing this. And I couldn't love him more for the things he does for us. I need to find a way to perk myself up here, just not sure what to do to get moving.

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