Friday, November 5, 2010

Reasons why I have not blogged in a few days

Reasons why I have not blogged in a few days

Took a trip to Westerly to drop off lots of clothes at the consignment shop. Also, my mom had another dress fitting in the same plaza. AND we stopped by to see my Auntie Bonnie who was working at the storage place. This is the boys running the halls between the units.

Boys that refuse to sleep at bedtime. That? Is the Bunny Bee faking crying while the Doodle Bop looks on.

The toy 'closet' the Doodle Bop overturned after getting mad at me. This is after I spent an entire DAY cleaning and organizing the livingroom - also known as the boys playroom - and having them trash it few hours later. (No photos of that.)

Freaking BEANS. From the game 'Don't Spill The Beans' ... which are *spoiler alert* spilled and scattered ALL over my house by the twins. Who still think it's funny.

Boys that INSIST on doing their own hair before we leave the house.


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