Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday colds, things kids say & of course - baby Jesus. Just because.

This post was going to be about me going round 2 with Joanne Fabrics today.  Long story short, I got what I wanted...but I am still really unhappy about it.  That post is still to come.


Tonight has been quite the night.  The twins have runny noses and the Big Guy has a raging headache... with a small temperature that seemed to come out of nowhere.  A round of Tylenol for everyone!  He used to get bad headaches all the time but I can honestly say I do not have a clue when the last one was, well over 6 months ago at the very least.  Maybe almost a year.

It has been so long since the boys have had colds, compared to the frequency in which they used to get them.  I am hoping this goes no further.  Who wants to be sick for their birthday - or Christmas for that matter.  (Or when you're the Big Guy, both!)

And in all things Totally unrelated, the boys have all been cracking me up lately.

The Big Guy is convinced the words to the end of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer are "you'll go down a Mystery!"  Love it.

And the Bunny Bee?  For some reason he started calling the baby Jesus "the baby in the genius" when referring to the manger and it has Stuck.  In fact, he's taken to the baby Jesus SO MUCH that he asked me for "a baby Jesus stuffed animal" for Christmas today.  Good luck finding that one, huh.

We have a Little People manger set that the boys have been playing with and they all take turns with the baby Jesus.  This morning all I could hear was the Doodle Bop changing his voice, running around the living room with him yelling "ooooh baby Jesus, oh baby Jesus!"

I should tell you that prior to 2 weeks ago, they didn't really know who the baby Jesus was.  We're Catholic, we talk about God ... but the cry room at church is more than I can take with them at this age and I'll be honest, I don't quite know how to break these things down on a level for 3 and 4 year olds.

And my husband, well it's been ingrained in him that the baby Jesus should NOT.EVER.BE be out in the manger before Christmas.  Drives him nuts.  I?  Get a kick out of it, even after all these years I can not help myself.  We always put him out before Christmas and watching the boys run around the living room with the Little People Jesus... BEFORE he was born (gasp).  Love it.

I am sooo off topic here tonight I think it's just best I end this post and go check on the boys.  Have a good night all!


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