Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where I get judgie mcjudgie with Octomom

Nadya Suleman disgusts me.

As a mother myself I try not to judge other mothers.  I think sometimes as women we are too quick to tear each other down.  And who wants to be judged over a mistake, especially when you do not know what it's like to be in that other persons shoes.  I may not always be the best at not being judgemental, but I try.

After today though?  Boy do I have an issue.

While my children may sit and watch more TV than they should, I do make sure they are only watching certain shows on Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS and Sprout for the most part.  I don't even let them watch much of the Today show half the time.  They are three and five and there's alot I don't think they need to be exposed to so young. 

Today my poor husband had to have a series of allergy testing done (on his birthday of all days) to finally try and get to the bottom of his respiratory problems he's been plagued with for the last six months.  The allergist gave him some prescriptions and I took the boys with me to CVS to have them filled for him. 

With a 15 minute wait time I told the girl at the pharmacy I would be back in about 20 minutes then.  Cut to my shock and irritation as she tells me that if I leave the store the wait time will be longer, 15 minutes is for the people who stay and wait only.  This while I am holding the hands of 3 small boys in a packed CVS.  Really?  I was fuming on the inside.  Snow is projected for tomorrow and everyone was waiting at the pharmacy.  What difference did it make if I ran over to Kohl's to return a skirt instead of sitting in the store.

I told her I would wait in the store then.  (What I should have done was say I would wait and then go out the door ... but I wasn't that brave for some reason today.)  I sat the boys down with me in the chairs while we waited what was supposed to be 15 minutes ... which you know, means 40 apparently.  I pulled 3 lollipops out from my pocketbook that I was happy I'd thought to grab and passed them out.  In the waiting area there is a large TV turned to a news channel. 

Never thought twice about this.

Now picture my horror as I wonder why on earth the boys are all asking me 'Mommy, why is that lady hitting that big baby!'  I realize they are looking at the TV and it's Nadya Suleman (who I already can't stand) and some actual excerpts from her new fetish video.

This woman already irritated me by having 14 babies on IVF with no means to pay for any of them.  OK, while it's not really her fault she had octuplets, WHO has 6 other babies by IVF with no job, no means to pay and then says hey lets do it again.  Say what you want about Kate Gosselin but there she is trying to take care of and support her children.  I work.  My husband has Two jobs.  And we only have 3 kids to support.  How is Nadya doing it with 14 - and no job.

I am so sick of seeing all this Octomom stuff on the news when she did this to herself and while it's not like I know her personally, she doesn't appear to learn from any of it.  Where does a single mom of 14 small children have time to go to the gym to work out and get her nails done all the time?  I barely have time for these things and I only have 3.

So there we are tonight, stuck at CVS and when the ad for the upcoming segment on Nadya is over I breathe a sigh of relief.  Our name has now been called, we are in a monster line, but surely we can get out or I can distract the boys before they show the segment.


When does the segment run?  When we are next in line, smack in front of the TV.  I am trying so hard to distract the boys.  'Hey, look over there, who can tell me what that is!' as I point to an elephant faucet cover and physically turn my children's heads.  Nope, amid audible gasps from the whole crowd at CVS my boys are transfixed to that TV watching that fine mom in a corset whip 'a big baby in a diaper!' and they are commenting on the whole thing. 

I am not a prude but I was horrified because these are my children watching this.  The guy behind me in line was saying over and over 'Oh wow, that's so not right' and I looked at him every shade of red and said 'Oh my god WHY do they not just change the channel on this thing!'  Besides Nadya's little video being the center of attention, my children's reactions were the other center of attention. 

OK, so maybe you do what you have to do to take care of your kids.  That I can understand now that I have had kids.  But when you have become someone who news crews follow whether you like it or not?  Some things you can't do and expect it to be private, no matter what the price you are paid.  When I first heard she did that video - in her own home where her children play and live I thought to myself good luck explaining that to your kids when they get just a little older. 

Now?  I'd like her to explain it to MINE.

Because no matter how many times I have changed the subject tonight, those 3 small impressionable boys keep bringing up the lady hitting the big baby in the diaper - and also wondering why there was a big baby in a diaper because they are big boys and they are potty trained.  How am I supposed to even begin explaining that to them.

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  1. oh much I could say!!! lol I will leave it at WELL SAID!!!! (and ps....hope they were able to figure something out for Al's respiratory issues!)