Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hopping back to it

I hate that I have not blogged here (or at Buy-Her) in a week.  I have thought about it several times, even logged in to write... and nothing.  This time around it is not for lack of things to talk about.  It's more that something has held me back.

Last week I wrote something to someone that ended up getting totally misconstrued.  And blew up a little from there.  No matter how many times I go back over what I wrote, I just can not understand how it turned into what it did.  And I've been thinking about how I can fix the situation.  In a way I think it made me sort of leery of writing anything over the last few days... because if this one thing that seemed so innocent to me turned into what it did... what else could end up being taken wrong.  Got down on my writing a bit, even though it had nothing to do with blogging.

At any rate I am back again.  It's April vacation for the Big Guy and the week has been busy so far.  Trying to make it totally fun filled for the boys.  We've been at the Y every day for some play time.  They can not get enough of that bounce house.  We took a trip with my mom to Westerly (that place feels like my 2nd home even though I have never actually lived there), even hit the beach.  The boys are now counting the days till the weather gets warm enough to spend the day swimming and playing in the sand.

Today I had planned to take the boys to a farm this morning but when it was looking like a washout last night we changed plans.  What's that?  It's not raining?  YeahYou're welcome.

Taking the boys to the movies later this morning to see Hop and maybe hit the mall after that to see the Easter Bunny in person.  Here's to hoping the rest of the state doesn't have the same idea today.   

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  1. I finally had to come up with some stand bys for when my head just can't spew out on my command. Pig About Town seems to be working out well.... I always have so many ideas, but they go poof when I sit down. Sigh...