Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The princess and the knight

Today, I am switching gears from Getting Gorgeous to something adorable that happened Sunday with the Bunny Bee.  We were at a birthday party for a friend of the Big Guy and his little brothers got the invite too.  Kidz Kastle.  Have you been there?  It was our first time. 

Indoor play area with bubbles, basketball, dress up, Wii, karaoke (seriously, i know), bounce house and a huge castle for the kids to climb in.  While I do not think I could stand to go there when it's open to the general public (for the same reason I don't let my kids play in the McDonalds play area or the giant climbing spot at Chuck E Cheese), it was perfect for a birthday party.  Clean, closed to the general public.  All right.

The Bunny Bee was absolutely crazy, running around yelling with a big giant grin.  'Yaaay cake!'  'Yaaay bubbles'!  'Yaaayyy'!  At one point he climbed up to the top of the castle, looked out the window and yelled down to me.

'Mommy, you be the princess, OK?  You be the princess ... and I'll... I'll be the knight.'

Melted my heart, oh my goodness.  That little guy is pretty creative in his play sometimes but this was a first.
He smiled at me and came down the slide and gave me a big hug and kiss and told me I was the princess and then ran off to play again.

Yesterday we were bringing the Big Guy home from school and the Bunny Bee brought it up again, that I was the princess and he was the knight.  The Doodle Bop asked what he could be and the Bunny Bee said, 'Uh, you can be the king!'  Doodle Bop was happy about that and said 'Yeah, I'm the king.'

At 5 the Big Guy has never really been into that kind of pretend play.  Super hero's, he's all over that.  But anything else?  From the time he could talk he has questioned everything.  He is skeptical of Santa, the tooth Fairy... anything he feels can't actually be proven to him to his standards.  He's almost too smart and I wish more than anything he could just go with it and believe a little more.

Makes me wonder how long the twins will be like this. 

For now though?  I'm happy I get to be the princess.


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