Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Totally too cute Tuesday - 2nd edition

Each morning I lay out the boys clothes. 

Sometimes they make a change or two.  Like yesterday when the Big Guy insisted he wear his sweatshirt covered with small football helmets UNDER his short sleeve shirt of a football player because that's how he liked it better.  (Cut to him coming home with only the tee shirt on after his teacher helped him change because 'sweat was dripping down my forehead'.)  Uh huh.  Missed a great photo op with that one. 

This morning I guess I didn't look the boys over as good as I should have because something escaped me.  Dropped the Big Guy off at school.  Got out of the truck with the twins at Target.  Doodle Bop out.  Bunny Bee out. 

Wait.  What?  I missed THIS?

(If you look closely you will see the bee's jeans are on Backwards.)  To which he then replied no he did not want them fixed.  He did it like that 'by purpose'... because 'I just wanted my pockets in the front today'.
Guess I won't mention to him there are pockets in the front too.  He's so proud of his fashion sense today.

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