Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to get your kids road race ready

OK y'all, have I mentioned how much I would really love to attend BlogHer 2011?  So freaking badly!  Busy Mommy Media is running a contest where you write a how to blog post.  The prize?  A conference pass to BlogHer!!! As we all know I work best under pressure, the contest closes in like... an hour.  So what better to blog about...while also including some adorable faces (that if you listen closely are saying 'Pick our Mommy')!

As you know, an old friend of mine started an annual road race to honor her late father eight years ago.  I myself am not really much of a runner.  My boys though?  Overly active. 

While my oldest (who is five) loves to play soccer, my three year old twins are very much into hockey.  Or maybe I should say learning to skate at this age.  But they have big hockey playing dreams.  When I saw the race had a children's category I was all over it.  Registered them for their very first race.  While they were excited right away with the news I started to worry about losing them in a crowd of spectators.  My husband came up with the first great idea on how to get the boys' road race ready'.

Step 1:  Cool outfits.  My husband hit up the sports stores to get the boys matching sweat bands.  I threw in the matching tee shirts.  Orange was not my first choice, but hey it totally stands out in the crowd.

Step 2: Scope out the track.

Step 3: Stretch those muscles.

Step 4: Intimidate the competition with your cuteness.  (Which totally worked by the way!)

Step 5: Run like the wind!

Step 6: Do not forget to wave to the crowd as you run!

Step 7: Tell them who is number one (while you are still running the race).

Step 8: Collect your ribbons!

And THAT my friends, is how you get your kids road race ready.  Eight easy steps.  (The mom in me wants to start singing the Agent Oso song about easy steps right about now.)


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