Thursday, September 29, 2011

Someone special

The twins each came home yesterday with their very own 'A Book About Me'. 

Doodle Bop's cover

Bunny Bee's cover

They were so proud to have finally made the same book that their big brother did the year before.  The front cover is a photo.  Inside are drawings, hand prints, their home and family. 

I was dying over

Then I got to the last one.  Doodle Bop's last page - 'someone special'

Aw!  Grandma and Grandpa.  Super sweet, right?

What's on the Bunny Bee's last page for 'someone special' you ask?

Yup.  That says Santa.  Like his hat?  No words. 

As we sat around the table for dinner the boys were talking excitedly about how they wanted to add their books to the book shelf in the living room like the Big Guy's.  Al, my mom and I laughed about how the Bunny Bee put Santa on the last page.  I looked at the Bunny Bee and said 'So Santa is your someone special, huh?'

He gave me the most serious face and said 'Yup.  Santa is a very special person, isn't he!  He brings toys!  Santa is so special!'

Totally precious.

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