Friday, October 7, 2011

Columbus Day

Columbus Day Weekend is upon us! 

And I am trying to feel the excitement.  Due to the surgery Al has mentioned maybe it's better just to stay home from the parade this year so I can rest... but to that I said we are going if you have to pull me up the hill in the boys big red wagon.  He laughed, but I'm sort of serious.  The boys are excited and I am intent on creating new happy memories of the weekend every year.

What was once one of my all time favorite weekends has been a little mixed up between love and loss lately.  Two years.  When we marked the first year I felt like I could take a breath and finally let a small piece of it go.  The hurt was no longer as raw as it used to be, though it certainly had not left.  I found myself getting excited for the parade this year when it hit me we are now marking 2 years and the tears came.  The events are separate but all tied in together.  The boys no longer remember now that they have grown, but it will stay with me forever

I'm a bit all over the place with this post I know.  I may not post much this weekend as I take my own time to remember, spend time with my family and make new memories as well.  Monday's post is prepared and ready to go then.  For now, have a great weekend and give the ones you love a big hug because life is just too short.

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