Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Catching up

So it's been a few days since I last blogged. 

Saturday was the CVS Caremark All Kids Can Patriots Day we took the Big Guy to.  Amazing experience, that post is coming this week after I finish sorting through all the fun pictures and decide what to add to the post. 

Sunday we took the boys out to breakfast, got them new winter hats and jackets (you know, since it snowed the night before and all - in October!) and had lunch with Al's family. 

Monday was Halloween!  The Big Guy got all dressed up for his party at school, then I got the twins dressed up after school and we went to Daddy's office to show off their costumes.  That night?  The boys trick or treated till way past their bedtime.  We might just have enough candy to last until Christmas.  Seriously. 

And today was the Big Guy's pre-eval where they evaluated his current range of motion so we'll have something to go on after the Botox next week...what kind of changes, where to begin with therapy... my head is spinning a bit.  All I know right now, is that I am looking forward to getting a good night sleep tonight. 

Because today each time I turned around, there was a face like this behind me.  Times three.

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