Thursday, March 1, 2012


I'm coining a new term. 


To be used to refer to the insanity that Leap Day brings.  Which is what happened yesterday.  I am now thanking God that it only occurs once every 4 years.

Leap Day started with me explaining to the boys what Leap Day actually meant.  The Big Guy cut me off angrily.  'Well I don't like that there is an extra day in February!  Seriously!  That means an extra day of school?  Why don't we have this holiday OFF!  We should get 10 days less, not one day MORE!  Why do I have to go to school an extra day!'

Oh lord.  I was not prepared for that one.

After school it was the Big Guy's once a week physical therapy appointment - where I was suddenly stuck in waiting room hell for an hour.  Two unattended children older than my own, a boy standing over the boys watching them on the tablet and a girl showcasing the loudest shrillest laugh I have ever heard.  About every 30 seconds while watching cartoons.  For an entire hour.  I swear to you, I have never heard anything like it.

I went from being relieved at seeing the Big Guy come out of his appointment to wanting to dissolve into the floor.  He was so sweet handing his brothers stickers he picked out, only to have them scream and cry that they didn't like those particular stickers.  And as I tried to talk to the physical therapist for a moment, not only could I not hear, but the Bunny Bee was stamping around and the Doodle Bop was actually hitting me.  Totally out of character for them.

The moment we were in the door I sent them to bed for naps...and they were out in seconds.  By this point we were well into our freak Leap Day snow event (it's like we live in New England or something).  I debated over what to do.  Normally I would have taken the snow away from them but with only one other barely there snow all winter I couldn't do it... especially seeing this might be the last one.  Bundled them up after naps and sent them into the yard.

Doodle Bop lasted 15 minutes. 

Bunny Bee an entire hour but he was in and out the back door every 5 minutes (no matter how many times I yelled in or out, not both!!!) ... and the Big Guy nearly an hour and a half.  Showers, hot chocolate, dinner... what I thought would be a quiet night still turned crazy after bedtime.

The twins could.not.sleep. 

And repeatedly let me know. 

Around 9pm I came up from the basement with their newly laundered jackets and the noise from shutting the door sent them from their room hysterical and screaming.  That kind of screaming that makes you catch your breath. 

We heard a loud noise!!!  Scared the heck out of me, the door wasn't even shut loudly.

Tucked the boys back in. 

Each time the snow plows came by after that?

Repeat of screams and hysterical tears ... the kind you would expect if you say... oh... lost an appendage... or were being chased by an axe murderer.  These boys who usually go to bed at 7 didn't fall asleep till well after 10pm. 

I was so grateful for an end to the Leapsanity.  And even more happy it will be another 4 years before we see it again.

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