Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sit like a mayor!

After a rough day yesterday, I got some additional not so great news last night.

So today I am thankful for my crazy boys ... who are still managing to drive me absolutely nuts, but are making me laugh at the same time. 

I woke up to all three of them sitting in an empty toy bin while wearing their Dr. Seuss hats and crouching down.  Did you think the hats were floating in mid air? 
Um...yes.  Yes I did.  Now get out of the bin and get ready for school.

The ride to school?  The Bunny Bee tells me about a dream he had last night.  I was walking on my hands and my feet were up in the airTo which the Doodle Bop has to chime in with Oh yeah? because we always have to one up a brother...Well last night I had the most serious dream of my life!  I'm true Mom!  Wow, the most serious dream of your life?  About what?  I can't tell you.  Why not?  You can tell Mommy anything!  OK, I dreamed....nothing.  There was nothing. Nuh-thinnnn!  See?  Scary.  Seriously.  I'm true.

Scary indeed.  Good thing we got that straightened out.

After lunch I was on the phone in the next room.  Which obviously means a free for all for the boys in the living room.  Because of course.  As I'm getting off the phone I hear the all three of them chanting I see London I see France...followed by the sounds of all of them jumping on the couch trying to pull down each others pants while still trying to hold up their own. 

What...don't act like your boys don't do that.

They hear me get closer and the Big Guy yells Mommy's coming!

And one of the twins yells out Quick!  Sit like a mayor!  No idea what that means but it's quite the popular phrase with them.  I walk in the room to find them all sitting like nothing was going on, though their grins give it all away.

What were you doing?, I ask.

Nah-thinnnn! yells the Doodle Bop while they all laugh.

Today I am thankful for their random craziness.


  1. oh boys, gotta love em! I hate it when my monkies are jumping on the couch.... dang kids!!! *shakes fist* lol!