Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Noisy boys

Back to school.  Afternoon errands.  Swim at night.  One of those rare days that had me reaching for the bottle of wine minutes after we got in for a late dinner.  I had just had it.

Getting the boys back into the swing of school after a week of vacation was tough.  I was a little amazed we made it on time in the morning.  When I picked them up from school before lunch they were extra chatty and oh so noisyReally noisy.  So noisy I found myself turning up the radio so I could hear myself think over them arguing among each other in the back seat.

And you know it didn't end when we got home.  The entire afternoon (nap time for the twins aside)... chaos and noise.  By the time we got to swim I was shocked.  I have never seen the pool so crowded and we had arrived 10 minutes early too.  The boys are I made our way to the one spot left against the wall and plunked our stuff down.  The complaining started immediately. 

I'm hot. 

I'm cold.  (From the one who confuses the two and meant he was hot...but put on a sweater.) 

How long do we have to wait here.

The Big Guy was up for his lesson first.  And the twins broke down.  Well, the Bunny Bee complained for the entire lesson about how he was bored and the Doodle Bop threw himself across my lap and cried his eyes out.  The.entire.time.

Al got there from work just as the Big Guy was getting out of the pool and the twins were on their way in, missing all the tears.  Those two went from miserable and teary to giant smiles like a switch had just been flipped.  I sent the Bunny Bee over to the bin to get a bubble for flotation and noticed he was having trouble.  I told the Doodle Bop to go help him and made my way over when I noticed they both seemed to be having a problem.  I was literally two steps from the Bunny Bee when it happened. 

He fell in the bin.  Upside down.  Legs in the air.

Because of course.

I gasped and reached in to pull him out.  He was on his head, cushioned by the few bubbles at the bottom ... and crying.  The Doodle Bop helped by handing me a bubble that he had fished out while staring at his brother on his head. Calmed him down as I got the bad mom side eye from the other parents nearby and sent them to their lesson.

Those two have become such a comedy team.  It was the first time Al got to see it at swim.  Hamming it up, all smiles, making jokes... they are the class clowns.  We realized we will most likely need to break them up if they are ever going to learn anything.  Who's kid yelled something about farts across a crowded pool?  Yup.  Mine.  Giggles from everyone.

On the way home from swim the boys were all beyond noisy again.  I cranked up that radio as loud as I could and sang my heart out.  And they didn't even notice.  It was that or I would have been screaming at them to be quiet... not that they would have listened.  I am pretty sure the whole entire neighborhood heard the boys get out of the car at home.

I grabbed that bottle of wine and poured a glass as I heated up dinner and sat the boys down at the table.  During dinner the Doodle Bop smirked and told us he had a dream the night before.  Mommy you were being chased by a monster.  We all were but you were last.

Oh?  Then what happened?, I asked.

You got eaten.  You didn't run fast enough.

The boys all laughed.  I didn't run fast enough?  I got eaten?  What the...

Then the Big Guy chimes in.

Mommy you should really work out more.

More giggles.  Bedtime didn't come soon enough for them last night I tell you.

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