Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My kids have a new love: Clorox

I put a few posts in the can over the weekend, but for some reason I just didn't feel like hitting the publish button on anything yesterday.  I woke up in one heck of a mood. 

We have been running on this 4 or 5 days out of the house, followed by 1 day back in schedule ... before we do it all over again.  Ever since school let out for summer.  I have sort of been on a semi unofficial strike since summer began - only doing the exact minimum laundry I needed to do and not cleaning the house.  Which is why I invite no one over. 

I should clarify - not cleaning the house...unless it was to run the dishwasher or swipe the counters clean...oh and the bathroom because well, 3 boys, need I say more? 

I have never had a summer so busy since the kids were born.  While I am enjoying it, I definitely did not enjoy watching the house become more of a pit.  I am however more tan than I have been since before Al and I had kids.  Just in case you were wondering.

From the moment I was out of bed yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen, trying to organize the things from the boys party, scrubbing the bathroom, and wading through several loads of laundry.  The boys were mad at me when I sent them to clean their rooms and the toys in the basement.  The Doodle Bop attempted to put himself to bed at 11am rather than clean.  HOURS of cleaning and I feel like I barely made a dent.  Al came home and there wasn't that 'hey wow this place looks great!'  Why?  Because it still looks like a hella mess.  I pride myself on trying to be the cool mom that didn't let having 3 boys in the span of 18 months stop her from doing anything with them and taking them everywhere I can... but I am failing at being that mom who keeps a clean house.

And it gets worse.  When I clean the bathroom I typically use Fantastic, Scrubbing Bubbles... occasionally something different but that is what I usually have on hand.  Nothing with a wonderful smell but it gets things clean, right?  Well yesterday I opened something new I had bought at Target when I found a double pack on sale. 


See how the bottle just shines?  OK so it was the glare from the flash but it stays.

Clorox Clean-up Cleaner with Bleach.

And the boys went Crazy over it.  Oh my God Mommy!  The bathroom smells so good!  You should clean it more often!!!

Jaw drops.  Um, I do happen to clean the bathroom boys.  I cleaned it the same as always, just used something new this time.

Mommy it smells like Grama's Big Pool!!!, yelled the Doodle Bop.  (The Budlong Pool.  My mom is the Director.  Chlorine... but I can see where he is going with that.) 

That was a compliment by the way.

These crazy kids must have used the bathroom like 100 times yesterday just because they liked how it smelled in there (thank you Bleach) and how shiny everything looked.  Does Fantastic and Scrubbing Bubbles not have bleach as an ingredient?  Truth be told I never looked.  I hadn't thought there would be a difference.  But watching my 5 and 6 year olds freak out about it certainly gave me a complex.

I suddenly want to scrub my entire house with this Clorox Clean-up Cleaner with Bleach. 

Scratch that, I suddenly want to hire someone to scrub my entire house for me.  I will provide them with the product.  Except for my bathroom counter top...

It's kind of hard to see from the photo but while it made everything else in the bathroom SHINE like the top of the Chrysler Building, it made the top of the sink counter top a little ...yellowy.  Which totally rocks since we are putting the house on the market before the end of the summer.  If my husband hadn't noticed already, he will now.  The website says something about contact with metal, old porcelain or worn plastic laminate may cause discoloration ...so yeah.  Oops.

I would say we have found a new cleaning product though, just based on my kids reactions.  Also for making me feel like parent of the year.  (That's sarcasm there.)


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  1. We are big fans of Clorox Clean-Up with bleach over here. You should also avoid getting it on anything cloth, though. Can't tell you how many towels and bath mats and t-shirts have succumbed to bleach spots!