Sunday, October 21, 2012

100 things you didn't know about me

Linking up a little late with Carla today for her 100 things you didn't know about me! My other blogging girls linked up on Friday.  I was in Chicago, lost my Internet connection and half my list.  Finally finished it off today.

If only the "notes" section was still around on Facebook, remember that?  I did a list of 25 way back when...would love to check that out.  Enough procrastinating, here we go...

1. Fall is my favorite season.
2. I absolutely despise Spring.
3. Growing up, a new teacher would always say my name as Lisa, and the entire class would say 'It's Liza!'
4. I still turn around when I hear the name Lisa, even though it has never been my name.
5. I went to 3 colleges, changed majors 2x and still managed to come out with no degree.
6. I have ADD, but didn't find out till college.  So many things made sense after that.
7. I am a direct descendant of Roger Williams.  He was my great great (plus like 8 or 9 more greats) grandfather.
8. I fall out of my high heels all the time.  (Who am I kidding, everyone knows that.)
9. My klutzy falls usually result in injuries and emergency room visits.
10. I was one of the only girls playing city baseball when I was little.
11. Once wanted to be a cop.
12. Or a dancer in music videos.  True story.
13. Filmed a commercial for Dunkin Donuts that did not see the light of day.
14. In a prior life (before kids) I was an account manager for an insurance company...and did not love it.
15. Know the words to pretty much every song on the radio.  My kids once thought it was cool, now they just want Mommy to stop singing.
16. I used to sing.  In junior high the choir I was in even traveled.  Park View Chorus.  We were a thing, I swear.  Big deal then.
17. Still enjoy Disney tween movies... Camp Rock, High School Musical... all that stuff.
18. On a related note, I still get sucked into a good Lifetime movie as well.
19. Hate to fly... especially alone...which is pretty funny because I've been doing that alot lately.
20. Before each trip I ask my husband why I am doing this...because I say I don't know.
21. I know why I am doing this.  I am building my empire piece by piece.
22. Kick myself still for dropping Communications in college because it was "boring".
23. Love my soaps.  LOVE them.  And I don't care who knows it!
24. Because of Carly being buried alive way back when on Days of Our Lives I am terrified it could happen.  Seriously.
25. Every time I give up on General Hospital for the last time, something sucks me back in.
26. I will forever mourn the end of One Life to Live - my favorite soap ever.
27. I am back watching General Hospital again because Roger Howarth is there as Todd from OLTL.
28. Refuse to eat eggs in anything.  I tell people I'm allergic.  But I'm not.  (It's called a gag reflex.)
29. Hate mayonnaise and can only eat it in tuna. 
30. Have a thing about cheese - it must be melted or I can't eat it.  Unless it's a mozzarella ball.  Mmmm!
31. Can NOT sew.  In elementary school, we would go to the senior center with Girl Scouts and the old ladies would help us sew, knit, crochet... I was so bad at it no one wanted to work with me.  And it scarred me.
32. When a stuffed animal needs repair at home, I take it from the kids but Al ends up sewing it.  I could do something small like that, but it looks better when he does it.
33. Knew at 17 that Al and I would someday get married.
34. Married my high school sweetheart.
35. Had 3 baby boys in the span of 18 months (and only partially lost my mind). 
36. Thought seriously about joining the Army once.
37. Actually loved Army ROTC even if it was only one semester in college before I ended up at a new school without it.
38. Love to put on the music and drive... by the water and farms is my favorite spot.
39. Was driving to Vermont on weekends at 19.  I like to call that the 4th college I attended.
40. Have a super funny story about getting kicked out of a frat party with Al and all his buddies when we were underage... but maybe you had to be there.
41. Only swims in a pool.  Not at the beach.
42. And yet I have to spend at least 1 day a week at the beach with the boys all summer long.
43. Did all sorts of crazy stunts on the playground when I was young and fearless and yet it terrifies me watching my kids try to do even the little stupid things.
44. Read all the Twilight books and loved them - but haven't seen a single movie.
45. Read the entire 50 Shades of Grey series in like 4 days.  Truth.
46. Can't watch horror movies but am fascinated by TV shows The Walking Dead and American Horror Story.
47. Side note - they terrify me, but I can't turn away.
48. Can't watch medical shows of any kind.  They gross me out.
49. Obsessed with the ID channel and all things crime.  Al thinks I'm plotting his murder.  (I'm not!)
50. Always thought Al and I would be perfect for the Amazing Race - you know, minus the flying everywhere thing but at least he would be with me.
51. Oh, and the eating gross stuff.  I can't do that.  That would have to be his job.
52. Want a baby girl more than anything, but I have raised boys so long I don't even think I would know what to do.
53. Love being a sports Mom to the boys - although I am ready for soccer to end.  It's cold!  And I'm sorry but practices should not be on Friday nights.  Boo.
54. I love so many songs I don't know that I have an absolute favorite - but I do love Pearl Jam's Black an awful lot.
55. My favorite place I have been to was Cozumel, Mexico.
56. It drives me crazy when there are a million empty seats open in a waiting room but someone will plop themselves down in the one right next to me.  Seriously?!
57. My favorite quote?  I'm beginning to doubt your commitment to sparkle motion!
58. My wedding ring is horribly inscribed.  The day we brought it to the jeweler to have the date and our initials engraved inside, the man had a mini meltdown over having to use the machine and messed them up.  And no, we didn't get new ones.
59. I once thought I would be 1st girl in Major League Baseball (in the 80's).
60. I think because I watch the Food Network enough I could ace any basket on Chopped.
61. My 1st celebrity crush was Christian Slater.
62. After I had my oldest, I took a Wilton Cake Decorating course so I could make him fancy cakes.  In reality I was horrible and any cake I attempted on my own ended up with me in tears.
63. I love a good mob movie.  Goodfellas is my favorite, with a Bronx Tale and The Last Don miniseries close seconds.
64. My oldest was nearly named Crocifisso ... after Jason Gedrick's character in The Last Don.  Nickname Cross.  How I loved that.  Somehow I knew we couldn't stick him with a name like that though.
65. My favorite color was blue my entire life... but I kind of OD'd on the color with my wedding... still love blue but not as much.  I love green too now.
66. Can not do math.  Like almost at all.  Once we hit second grade, Al will have to take over with the kids.
67. Speaking of math, I went to summer school two years in a row because of math.
68. I failed chemistry class junior year of high school after moving my seat from the front of the room to the back - next to Al's seat - and had to repeat it again senior year. 
69. Van Halen to me is Sammi Hagar ... NOT David Lee Roth.
70. I was senior class president in high school.
71. Minus moving to Amherst, MA freshman year of college, I have lived in Cranston my entire life.
72. Did not think I would still be living in Cranston - or even the East Coast.
73. Sunflowers are my favorite flower.
74. Never know what size shoe will fit me.  I'm between an 8 and an 8 1/2 believe it or not.  Usually need to try them on.
75. There is a reason I say the word 'veggies' instead of 'vegetables'.  And no I'm not telling you.
76. Wishes it were more acceptable to dye your hair a million colors.  Or cheaper at least.
77. My 1st car was a hideous powder blue 1986 ford escort (in 1996). 
78. Want a tattoo more than anything but am totally afraid of how much it will hurt.
79. Every time I get blood taken I tell the tech I hate needles.  Like they don't hear that ever.
80. Did the new show you love get cancelled?  That was my fault.  If I like it chances are it got cursed.
81. Curses a little too much... the Doodle Bop took to saying one of them for quite awhile as a toddler.  It was horrible.
82. Love my flip flops. 
83. Always thought I would have been a great gymnast - until college when I had to take gymnastics for physical education.  Scary crap as an adult. 
84. No matter how many times the doctors say it wasn't my fault and I had no control over the Big Guy having cerebral palsy, part of me will always feel like there was something I didn't do right.
85. My 1st computer was a Commodore 64 from my grandparents.  With floppy disks.
86. I once said I would never be addicted to my smart phone.  HAHAHAHAHA!
87. After watching the movie The Ring, I had to take photos to make sure the faces weren't blurry.  I won't tell you how long that went on for.
88. Had African dwarf frogs in college that actually refused to eat, grew mold while still alive and died.  Apparently the guy at the pet store neglected to tell me when there are only a few in a tank and you don't take them ALL, this actually happens because they can't handle being separated.
89. Have never done drugs of any kind.  Drinking was my thing.
90. I have ground my teeth since I was a kid... and have broken (and then fixed) some as a result.
91. The Keg Room was my favorite club way back when.
92. Am a Dunkin Donuts girl through and through.  Ordering at Starbucks?  I have no clue.
93. Born a Red Sox fan but didn't actually get to attend a game until a year or so ago - with the Big Guy.
94. Haven't missed a Black Friday in NINE years.  This year will make 10!
95. After seeing Troll for the 2nd time (the 1st was funny to us for some reason) as a kid, my siblings and I didn't go in the basement for months. 
96. Sort of got kicked out of girl scouts in 7th grade... well I quit... but I was getting kicked.
97. Can handle any sort of bug outside (that isn't a bee), but once it is inside my house I FREAK!
98. Typically do not wear a jacket, unless it is absolutely freaking cold.
99. Can no longer enjoy my favorite ice cream thanks to Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  I'll let you google that.
100. Addicted to red wine.


  1. These are so awesome! I honestly learned a billion new things about you and I laughed a bunch, too. I have yet to see you fall in heels! I'm curious about the "veggies' thing, too. And I used to hang out in The Keg Room a lot, back in the day! I love your boys and Al-- the Corbo family rocks. :)

  2. I used to spend every Tuesday night at the Recess Pub playing darts.

  3. Totally LOL at #3 & #4! I answer to Lisa, Leeza, Liza, whatever ;)

  4. I purposely order a "medium" at Starbucks because I think their orderingis ridiculous. What year did you graduatre? I was sitting here with my husband trying to figure out if you went to school together. lol