Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A hideous pile of...WHAT?

Yesterday morning, after dropping the Big Guy off at school, we took a ride over to check out the new Hobby Lobby.  All the twins wanted to do was hit the Spirit Halloween store next door.  Al and I debated over going in (last year at least one of them ended up in tears), but the boys are suddenly so into all things Halloween that we decided to try it.  I reminded them that nothing inside was real and they just about ran through the front doors.  Where they made me step on and press all of those try me buttons as they watched from a safe distance a few steps back oohing and ahhing and laughing.

The boys excitedly went from costume to costume as the Doodle Bop kept telling us he didn't know just what kind of Zombie he was going to be.  It was just about then that we saw it.  Around the corner.

A Hideous pile of babies!, the boys yelled as they laughed and pointed.  Babies that looked like this.
And this.
And so.many.more.
My jaw dropped.  How were they not scared.  And how do they know the word hideous.  Also, why was this funny?!  Al looked at me and quietly asked Are we bad parents?  I had no answer.  We kind of pulled them away and tried to usher them out of the store.  I may not have wanted them to be scared, but it was freaking me out how much they were clearly enjoying the store.  At 5 years old.
Just before we went out the door the Bunny Bee made me stop and hit the button for the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz.  I noticed the Doodle Bop shrink back a little and felt suddenly relieved.  Until he asked me to hit the next button for the girl from the Exorcist whose head spins. 
Hell no buddy.  That is where I draw the line.  I looked at Al and said 'Puppies. We need to go see puppies.'  And I made him drive us across the street to Rumford Pet Center so I could unwind.  Yes, puppies would make it all better.
Within minutes all traces of my demon children were gone and I had my sweet boys back.  Petting puppies and squealing with delight.  All was right with the universe again.
Puppies make everything better.  Except the part where they haven't stopped asking for a dog again.


  1. OH my goodness - how were they not creeped out?! I'm shuddering a little from this side of the computer screen!!

  2. That creeps ME out! I think boys are a special breed. they find a lot of inapropriate things to be funny. :)

  3. right girls? that freaked me out - that THEY weren't creeped out. LOL