Monday, February 18, 2013

The February Vacation Debacle

Crazy busy last week. Like so busy I didn't even have time to stop and blog. And then it all came to a screeching halt just before 2am this morning. The Bunny Bee was in our room hysterical - trying to tell us that he 'pooked'. The stomach bug hit our house just as the boys were starting February vacation.

I had so many things planned for the week! Around the doctors, dentist and physical therapy appointments we had scheduled, I was going to take the boys as many places as I could. The Natural History Museum, a planetarium, sledding, the trampoline park just to name a few...

My poor baby barely stopped throwing up from 2am to 8am ... and then it started coming out ... somewhere else. If you know me, you know that puke is sort of like my kryptonite. I can not do it. I can't. If I have to do too much with puking kids I will start puking too. Trust. I feel sick just typing it.

We have been really lucky until now. Sure my kids get sick all the time lately - temperatures, coughs that require breathing treatments - but we don't do the stomach bug here. In fact, the last time my guys got the stomach bug? The twins were 2 and the Big Guy was 3. I sort of prided myself on that. I attributed it to all the hand washing and hand sanitizing I make them do each time we leave a store or do anything. I guess it didn't help this time.

My amazing husband cleaned everything up and took care of the Bunny Bee till it was time for him to go to work this morning. Then it was just me, a sickie mcsickensick, his twin ... and a hella irate 7 year old who saw his entire vacation crumbling before his eyes. Three appointments cancelled today alone. I have no idea what the week holds now, but all I can focus on is getting the Bunny Bee better and keeping it from hitting anyone else. And making it to Monster Jam on Friday night.

Al stopped home on lunch to bring some crackers, fluids and a DVD for the kids home. I spoke with the nurse at the pediatrician's office. We are on appendix watch to be on the safe side, though I am pretty convinced it is THE stomach bug. The Doodle Bop had several moments today where I thought he was going to be sick everywhere, but then he was fine. I don't know if its just a matter of time with him, or if it is sympathy pains for his twin.

I was so relieved when the Bunny Bee napped on the couch this afternoon and that we got fluids to stay down tonight. Crossing my fingers we are turning the corner on this. The boys are all tucked into bed right now and I am hoping that they all stay that way - the entire night.

Wish this mama luck. Because right now I feel like my kids are ticking time bombs.


  1. I hope everyone feels better soon!! Being sick is the worst :(

  2. Oh my God, that is the worst, especially when they're so close in age. I feel your pain and nausea (I get the same way, I got nauseous reading this). I hope he was the only one that got it.

    1. lol sorry to make you nauseous too! ugh WHY can't we deal with that... i have guilt because i feel like as a mom i should be able to handle anything.

  3. I hate the stomach bug. HATE it. We did 3 rounds of it here last year, and I'm living in fear of it happening again this year. With 2 in daycare it seems inevitable. Hope he's on the mend tomorrow morning and no one else catches it!!

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