Friday, March 29, 2013

Birthday smirthday

36. That doesn't even feel real. (I mean I told the kids I was 23 and they thought that was old!) Aside from the debacle that was my 25th birthday (hello quarter life crisis), I usually spend a good 2 weeks counting down to the big day. This year? While I knew it was coming, I had almost completely forgotten about it with everything going on with the boys. I remember telling the boys two weeks ago that I wasn't sure if we would be going to the school basketball game they wanted to attend because it fell on my birthday ... and that was pretty much that.

Countless trips to Boston the last few weeks combined with a 3 day stretch of driving back and forth and it was a few hours into our wedding anniversary before Al and I even noticed what day it was. First time ever we had forgotten and we laughed about how funny it was and how crazy things are. But then I saw the look of panic... the one where he silently realized that meant my birthday was the next day. And I said seriously, its fine... this year is so far out of the norm...

That night after we got back from Boston we got a call we needed to be back again in the morning, but Al had to be at work ... so I left a message with school that we would be late, but not by much. Famous last words.

Yesterday we woke the boys up bright and early and piled them into the car for the hour drive. After tons of traffic, we were about 10 minutes away when I missed the lane I needed. And the GPS could not seem to reroute itself (because who really pays for the updates? we sure don't). I kept watching the time increase on the GPS as I cursed it and hit the steering wheel. Oh and then there is the part where I blew through the EZPASS lane literally throwing Cd's out of the center console only to find it was in Al's car and not mine. Good times.

Long story short? It took us an additional hour plus to reach our destination. Where I then had to parallel park. (You don't want to know.) After spending an hour at our destination we were trucking it back home to get the Big Guy to school. Once we hit traffic the boys were fighting, I was yelling, they were crying... terrible horrible no good very bad day. I got the Big Guy to school 7 minutes past the 3 hour mark where you are no longer considered tardy but absent. SEVEN MINUTES. It was all I could do not to explode at being told what I already knew. I would have taken the twins back home with me... but the Big Guy needed the class time too much.

I ran home with under 20 minutes to feed the Bunny Bee and Doodle Bop lunch and then get them to school. More yelling followed by tears. Parent of the year award. It was my day to work in Kindergarten but I was so exhausted I went home and slept. At some point I pulled a Justin Bieber and tweeted that this was the worst.birthday.ever. I know have so much to be thankful for but I sort of broke under the stress of the last two weeks.

Last night we took the boys to our old high school for the big 6th grade basketball game. (Blog post on that one later.) Colored beads, light up shark headbands, the whole shebang. The boys were having so much fun ... until the twins hit the wall of being overtired and the Big Guy literally fell off the bleachers and hit his back. From a sitting position. We left early but still didn't get home till around 8:30. Cake, sent everyone to bed... Al and I were in bed pretty soon after.

And that was that. I was feeling so miserable I didn't really even get online - or read the masses of birthday wishes that I am wading through this morning. And I am so thankful for them... I truly feel blessed to have so many friends. I feel badly that I spent the day yesterday focusing on everything that went wrong, instead of the good things (on Thankful Thursday no less).

Looking forward to everything this new year brings ... now that I am 23.

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