Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Denizen: My latest obsession

Did you wear Levi's as a kid? I sure did! I have to say it has been years since I bought a pair. Their new dENiZEN® brand is about to change all that for me. dENiZEN is high-quality jeanswear for men, women and kids sold exclusively at Target® stores and on Target.com. Y'all know how much I love Target!!! 

dENizEN is priced at under $30 for fashionable, high-quality denim that the whole family will love - making it so affordable for my family of five! When dENiZEN reached out to me about trying some items from their line, I was thrilled.

Not only did they take the sizes of my husband and boys, but they sent a pair of jeans and shorts for me! Unfortunately they were out of stock at the time for the Big Guy's size but that didn't matter. The same day the jeans arrived I ran over to my local Target and purchased a pair of Skinny Jeans in his size.

How freaking cute do these boys look? They fit the Big Guy perfectly but run just a tad big on the twins. That is the only problem that I could find. We use a belt for them, but they still fall down just a bit. It does lead me to think that the twins may be in between sizes though, because I know that the size below would be too tight. And I don't mind them having something to grow into a little, rather than grow out of immediately.

The boys like the jeans because they are comfortable and my oldest says they just "feel good". I like that I was able to get the jeans in some different colors. With twins it is sometimes hard to figure out whose clothes is whose - a different shade makes it so much easier on me.

I was sent the Essential Stretch Modern Boot Cut in Stiletto. And they are amazing! Beyond comfortable. They don't feel tight or rough like other pairs of jeans I have purchased before. I'm not the only one who loved them, these jeans are even a People Style Watch favorite in the “Best Jeans Under $50” category! The Editors loved this jean so much they were featured on the Today Show as a “lead style in denim at a low price point - with a stretch that will hug your curves!” I totally agree.

My husband got to try the plaid Cargo shorts. He is a huge fan of cargos to begin with, but he could not stop talking about how much he really liked these. Fan for life now.

And here I am with my oldest, in the Dakota Shorts in Calypso Coral. I was totally surprised how comfortable I felt in them. And definitely ready for spring and summer. Struggling with my weight the last few years, shorts have become something I do.not.buy. Capri's all summer, that is OK - not shorts... unless I happen to be at the beach. You know what? I am so running out to buy a few more pairs of these! I really am that much in love.

The next time you are at Target, I highly recommend that you check out dENizEN. In addition to their website, you can also follow up with dENiZEN on Facebook.

***Disclosure: My family was sent a pair of adult cargo shorts, a essential stretch modern boot cut, a dakota short and 2 pairs of boys skinny jeans free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. Opinions are all our own.***


  1. I LOVE the pictures! We are such big jeans fans here! I definitely need to buy some denizen for the spring!!! They look awesome!

  2. I love all the pieces- especially the Dakota Shorts! You look FAB in that whole outfit. I'm gonna check it out!

  3. We love denizen!! I have 3 pairs and my husband has two. Thy really fit so well! They aren't too low cut, they fit mom.bodies without looking like mom jeans lol the boys look adorable in the skinnies!

  4. You look great in that outfit. CUTE jeans! I have never tried them, but I am dying to now!

  5. You look totally FABULOUS, and the boys (and man!) look great. I'm excited to try these. I need comfortable and these look comfortable AND so stylin'! Thanks for sharing, and I'll be passing along info to all my kids for the grandkids...

  6. I'm so glad you posted this! I need some jeans & shorts for my post-baby-nothing-fits body and I am ALWAYS at Target :) -Sarah

  7. Those look great! And I love ANYTHING with stretch!!! =)

  8. Everyone looks great- love the pics! :)

  9. $50 or less!? That is amazing for jeans. I have to check these out as soon as I have this baby!