Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend love

Crazy busy weekend!

Errands on Friday afternoon and out to dinner with the family. Boys choice? Red Robin ... because they have the tower of onion rings. Of course.

Saturday morning we were at Bryant for a Special Olympics meet. We got to see our friend Nicholas before he competed in his first meet and spend time with our friend Ella while she competed for the first time. I loved every moment of it and teared up during the opening ceremonies. Watching every one's excitement? Contagious. The boys had fun cheering Ella on as she ran.

Both Nicholas and Ella medaled!

We can't wait to go back next month and watch Nicholas compete!

After the meet, the boys got changed and we hit Free Comic Book day - where the Doodle Bop is convinced he met the real Thor. How did I do on those costumes? (So very thankful for stick on felt and safety pins!)

Home to get changed - again - and out to a party at a friend's celebrating a First Communion. The Doodle Bop got his very first bee sting playing outside. Did I mention my friend is a nurse? I have never been more thrilled to have a kid with a bee sting at that moment. She jumped right into action for me ... and he seemed to calm down because he knew she works at a hospital. Too funny.

Track this morning, lunch with the family, and then Al took the rest of the wooden fence down. My yard looks all kinds of crazy right now. By next week though? There will be a new fence and not a single spot the dog can escape from. (The trick will be making sure he doesn't escape this week!)

We ended the weekend with a just past bedtime trip to Pinkberry - which the boys insisted we eat outside. And yes, we froze. The Big Guy thought it was absolutely hysterical.

The twins had to show me their I'm freezing out here faces.

Getting a little too good at giving me different faces I tell you. And yes, the Doodle Bop has started telling everyone who will listen to him over the last week that he is now indeed famous. These boys!

And that was our weekend!


  1. Replies
    1. so are you. you stuck with me at a time in my life when i didn't think i needed friends. i love you for that. xo

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