Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hello Spring!

Taking time to blog got lost in a sea of sickness again the last few days. Holy school and sports germs. Thank goodness for Spring because I need better weather and healthy kids. The Bunny Bee was out sick again Thursday and then all the boys on Friday though they all started to perk back up during the day so we didn't have to cancel dinner.

Coming home from my birthday dinner Friday night? I was sick. For the entire weekend. We even had to cancel our big kidless night out to celebrate our anniversary on Saturday. That one was tough. I had been looking forward to it so much, and staying home sick was not at all in the plans. Do over to come eventually.

The boys celebrated Opening Day after school yesterday by watching the Red Sox game.

Today, it's back to business around here. I dropped the boys at school this morning and flew home to finish getting everything ready for the Consignment Sale drop off ... while also trying to pack 3 kids for an afternoon in Boston followed by a change of clothes for wrestling practice tonight. Still working on that one. Picking the boys up just before lunch and heading to Boston for an audition.

Is it bedtime yet? What?

I don't mind the back and forth for the auditions, it's actually fun. It's the running around before and after that is exhausting. Rescheduled swim lessons for tonight and hopefully we make it to wrestling practice on time.

It's pretty busy around here today, but there is a giveaway and more coming up this week so stick around!


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