Thursday, October 28, 2010

My 1st mini photo essay

This morning I backed the truck out of the garage and noticed something felt strange, but I was in a hurry and ran right back inside to get the boys so I could take the Big Guy to school. It was the Bunny Bee who pointed out the flat tire. MY 1st flat tire ever. The boys cheered as I
called AAA (they come for my husband's car frequently).

This was Archie, one of the nicest AAA guys ever, determining it was a 'slow leak' and showing the boys how he fills the tire with air so I could get the Big Guy to pre-K before heading to the mechanic.

Boys at the mechanic 'reading' the car magazines.

It was about here I tweeted something about maybe blogging a photo essay later. I immediately got this tweet back.

essaysReasy essaysReasy
@ @liza_rae Hey, we can give you a hand with the essay. It’s simple!

Yeah. Oooh, wait! For just $9.50 a page apparently I can have someone write my essay FOR ME! Um, no.

Boys playing with the toys Mommy found in her overloaded pocketbook. Yaay for not cleaning stuff out!

Boys listening to music on my Droid because hey, they're bored Again and my ear buds were even in my pocketbook too!

And... Vampires. Because Park Ave Auto is awesome, fixed my tire while the Big Guy was at pre-K and we were able to run some errands and pick him up on time. Yaay! Maybe my day is turning around after all. Did I mention all 3 are... napping?!

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