Friday, October 29, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 13: A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (write a letter.)


I'll admit, I was not much of a country music fan back then.

Always loved the Dixie Chicks, but not much else. Something about first hearing your album 'The Whole SHeBANG' in 1999-2000 really spoke to me. The first song I heard was 'I Will...But' and after that, I was in love.

Got the cd right away, played it on repeat. I loved each song. Best break up songs - ever. (Even if you weren't breaking up. Overdramatic yes, but it felt so good to belt out these songs.)

Crazy, but 'Lucky 4 You' always made me feel better.

Then a year or two down the line? This was no longer just a break up cd that felt good to belt out in my room - or my car - suddenly I Knew these feelings. And then the album took on a much deeper meaning for me.

I was sad, I was angry. And this cd was on repeat.

Then there was 'Still Holding Out For You'

Never thought I'd be in this place
It's someone else's life I'm living
Wish I were living a lie
The hardest part is when the bough breaks
Falling down and then forgiving
You didn't kiss me good-bye
I'm choking on the words I didn't get to say
And pray I get the chance one day

Your songs got me through a tough time, and there are not many artists I can say that about. Looking back now it seems a little silly, but to see myself back then? I needed this music. Thank you. :) xoxo

P.S. - Everything worked out in the end. <3