Thursday, October 14, 2010

On sleepless nights, blog ideas, spelling errors & ADD

What a long week it has been - and it's still only Thursday. I have procrastinated at my finest. Instead of working on the mounds of laundry, switching over the boys clothes, separating all the toys, or scrubbing all the floors (that are in Dire need, trust me there)... I have instead baked my butt off this week.

Homemade chicken soup (that was for my husband), homemade applesauce, gingerbread cookies (which my 4 year old angrily told me do not qualify as gingerbread when they are circles and not people), eggplant parm and now an apple pie currently in the oven. Still have that never ending supply of apples from my father in law's trees. And to think before this fall I had never baked an apple pie - I'm doing at least 1 a week now!

Oh yeah, and I organized the Hell out of 3 of my kitchen cabinets and threw out half of my Tupperware. I opened a cabinet and got hit with flying mismatched Tupperware and that was it. I, was on.a.mission. Know what though? While that Did need to be done (it so did), it wasn't pressing by any means. Just another facet of my ADD, another way to find something else to do instead of what I really Have to do.

My husband has been sick for almost 2 weeks now. Last week was his vacation of all weeks and this week he's still been out of work. To put this in perspective, my husband Rarely takes a sick day... some years he doesn't take a one. When he does need them, I don't think I can even look back and count more than 1 time in over 10 years that he has taken 2 days sick in a row. This time though? Really bad bronchitis that I would have bet was pneumonia he's wheezing so badly. I wanted to take him to the hospital at one point, but he's been to the doctor twice now.

I feel terrible for him, but I am So freaking tired - am not getting any sleep since he got sick. And everything else I have to do - or should be doing - is suffering. One of the kickers is that I have realized those wee hours of the morning when I am desperately trying to find the sleep that is alluding me, I am having some of the freaking Best writing and blogging ideas. And I know, I absolutely KNOW I will remember it all in the morning to write... but you know I draw a blank when I get to the computer. I'm about to whip out a notebook and start writing as soon as it hits me... at 2am.

Last night I woke my husband up with the light from my Droid. Had been up for 2 hours, couldn't sleep, started reading my blog and realized I didn't use spell check period the 1st half of this blog. Good god, the errors were jumping right out at me. So needless to say, I will be adding to my growing list of things to do edit and spell check all previous blog entries.

Well, time to go put the twins back in bed Again, take the pie out of the oven and drink my wine.

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