Friday, November 12, 2010

Tux Fittings

Yesterday afternoon an older man called the house and asked to speak with the Bunny Bee and the Doodle Bop. Freaked.Me.Out. 'Who is calling' I angrily asked. The poor man, he was just calling about the tux rentals for my sister's wedding (which is next weekend). The boys tuxes were in and he was just reading off the list of who to call, which did not include ages. I laughed and explained it scared me someone would be calling to speak with my 3 year old twins (as I silently prayed I would not have to face him when I went to pick up the tuxes).

We are still waiting on two more tuxes to come in but I thought it would be easy to take the twins by themselves while the Big Guy was at school. The Big Guy is so mad about having to wear the tux, but the twins? Most exciting thing ever to them. They were bouncing off the walls with excitement when we walked in (and thankfully there was a different employee on, not the man I nearly tore a new one yesterday).

This is the boys standing on the bench as I started to get them changed.

Here's the Doodlebop after getting everything on and stating 'I look GOOD!'

The boys admiring themselves together.

The Bunny Bee hamming it up.

Bunny Bee & Doodle Bop dancing - Doodle Bop is blurry because he would not.stop.moving! Or singing!

The Doodle Bop dancing back towards the fitting room to get changed. (Right before the boys got teary eyed - Teary Eyed! - because they didn't want to take them off.)

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  1. OMG!!! they look so cute!!!!
    I never really liked little boys in tuxs, but this ones fit them perfectly and are sooo gorgeous!!