Thursday, February 24, 2011

Final launch

That last post? 

Longer than 'War and Peace', I know

Should have broken that up into like 3 or 4 posts I think.  Here's a shorter one for you all today.

The Big Guy is with my parents for 24 hours - spending the day, having a sleepover.  The Bunny Bee and the Doodle Bop and I had to find something to do.  They needed their minds taken off the Big Guy being out without them.

We went for haircuts at Snip-its.  I must have the only children who ask for and enjoy getting haircuts.)  They cheered when we drove up.  After that we went to get my husband at work so the boys could have a snack with Daddy.  Went to Pastiche on Federal Hill.  Yum!  After that, we went back to the office to say hi and hear an exciting announcement. 

The highlight of today?  Shuttle Discovery's final launch.  3 decades of space travel?  That's just about my whole entire life.  And my boys have never seen one.  I called them into my room where I was writing (thrilled that they left Phineas and Ferb without a fight) and they sat on the edge of my bed.

***Ignore the mess by the way***

Here they are eagerly awaiting the launch (once I explained to them what would happen).  These boys were ecstatic.  They love everything about space and even have their own Imaginex Space Shuttle that gets use daily.  They cheered ''Yaay!  Lets do this thing!  Lets get to space!" 

And when liftoff occurred? 

 Totally.awesome.  Mesmerizing.  I hope it's something they will get to see again someday.

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