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My head is spinning with everything I am suddenly juggling.  Like I have too many balls in the air.  But they are sure to drop soon because, well... (I don't know how to juggle).  The changes over the last 2 weeks have come fast.  There was a decision I had been struggling with the last few days, which is why it's taken me so long to update here.

I picked up a job writing a weekly gaming column with an up and coming local news website, writing for free to start with the hopes of being paid when things take off.  I had found a spot to use my gaming connections and to get my articles posted.  When I went to NYC I represented myself as being from 2 media outlets.  The 1st being this one, the 2nd being Buy-Her (as I hoped to find some things I would be able to use there as well).  Long story short I made my article deadline, they posted it a day late - and never put my name, photo or bio up on the site.  I'm not going to link to it or use their name for now, as I do wish them well in the future.  I just think it wasn't a good fit.  I've never quit on anything so early, but after meeting everyone in NYC and promoting this website where they could find me, I felt that it made me look bad.  I sent them my resignation today and it was hard for me to do so.

The more I went back and forth trying to figure out what to do over the weekend, my husband came up with a great idea.  We did a little research and jumped right in.  I will still be blogging here, I will still be writing at Buy-Her ... but now, you will also be able to find me at  because I?  Am also 'The Mommy Gamer' now.  Website is purchased but not yet developed, that will start getting worked on this week.  Secured it on Twitter.  An outlet for everything gaming and it's all mine.  We have so many ideas for this it's crazy.  As soon as we're up and running I have lots to start posting.

I will also be writing about parenting multiples at for the Providence area, but I have been a little slow to set that up over the last 2 weeks with all of the other changes.  I will announce that link when it's ready too. 

Now, the trip to NYC.  You all know about the Megabus (mega bust? jury's still out on that one).  Originally I was taking this trip alone.  When I looked into Megabus though and saw how cheap the fares were, I priced 5 people for the heck of it and was shocked to see it was only $50 - round trip - for 5 people.  With my dad home now I called him to see if he wanted to come with the boys and I.  Spend the day in NYC.  They wouldn't be able to go to the press event with me, but aside from that we could have a nice day.

That phone call to my dad?  Priceless.  He thought I was crazy.  Volunteered to take the boys for the day right away, said it sounded like fun but what was I thinking trying to take a 5 year old and two 3 year olds to the city in the cold, where there might be snow.  "And garbage" left over.  And that's after a 3 hour bus ride there and another one home. 

Um, yeah

Truthfully I hadn't thought about ANY of those things.  I was just so excited to see how affordable it was I thought why NOT take them with me.

In the end, my mom decided to come with me.  A day of mother daughter bonding in the city.  The night before I got - actually I should say WE got - and e-mail from my Grama in Florida:

Have a great day tomorrow. I will be thinking of you and wishing you well.
I am anxious to read your blog.
Don't take any rides from strange men !!!

Yes, my Grama said don't take any rides from strange men.  I nearly wrote back and asked her what if the bus or cab driver is a man, but then I thought maybe I shouldn't tease her.  I love my Grama.  She's awesome.

The morning of our trip my Dad took us to the bus ... you know, I was going to say station, but as we learned it was just a street ... hell, lets just call it a bus stop.  Before the sun came up.  I was exhausted from the get go.  Wanting to be so excited but really really nervous.  I remember telling my mom it would be so much better if the press event was first thing in the morning so I could get it over with, then we could have the day in the city.

You know about the bus ride there, we made good time.  Getting to NYC it was so cool to pass Trump Tower (where I then tweeted my husband he was 'fired'), the museums... everything!  After getting off the bus with a few hours to kill, we headed straight back towards 34th street - Macy's.  (How I have missed Macy's since the flooding.  I don't often make it to Providence Place and it doesn't re-open at the Warwick Mall until next month, nearly a year after the floods.) 

On the way to Macy's, we passed Fuse - you know, where they actually PLAY music (like MTV used to?) and I made my mom take a photo.  Like it?

Thought about trying to get in, but decided there was no way we could get passed the security desk.  So on to Macy's we went.

NINE floors this Macy's is!  You could literally get lost.  In fact once, maybe twice, we did.  I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and I was going to do some shopping.  We looked around on every.single.floor.  We really did.  The selection was amazing.  So much to see there was almost too much to see.  I narrowed it down to shoes or a pocketbook.  I drooled over the whole line of Jessica Simpson shoes.  Actually heard a sales girl say to another one how she didn't expect certain shoes to go because they were 'last season' but they get so many people from out of town not everyone knows and so they buy them.  Then they snickered.  For a moment I had to look back to make sure I didn't hallucinate that. 

Nope, it happened.

Pocketbooks.  Designer pocketbooks.  Giant SALE!  Bins of designer pocketbooks with ladies crowded around.  Normally I would go the other way, not worth it to me.  My mom though?  Hysterical.  She was all "Take off your coat.  Hand me your pocketbook.  Get in there!"  And I DID!  She?  Waited across from the maddness watching me.  I was elated to find one I had to have, only to get to the register to find out it wasn't as cheap (I use that term loosely, they were still expensive) as I thought.  The sale was off the original price, not the lower price listed.  Hate when they do that.  I debated on taking a photo to show you all just how cute this pocketbook was, but decided against it.  It would hurt to much to see it again, knowing I had to put it back.  Ugh, it hurts even now.


After Macy's, we walked around some more, stopped and had a nice lunch.  After lunch, more walking, and sitting on a bench for like 45 minutes people watching (yeah, there) it was time to head over to Crimson for the press event.  They even had red velvet ropes out and a doorman.  I was so excited, and so nervous, I could barely breathe.  My mom asked if there was a lounge where she could wait and the doorman let her right in where she went to a bar area and sat. 

The place was beautiful.  A little overwhelming since I had never been to something like this before.  Flat screens set up everywhere, beautiful lighting, candles... a buffet by the bar.  I stopped at the front table and filled out a tag with my name and writing outlet.  Signed a non disclosure for the games I am not yet at liberty to talk about.  (A non disclosure!)  Got a packet and off I went.

Knowing I was there for Rango, but also a preview of the 2011 Electronic Arts lineup I was still surprised to see so many other screens with different games on them.  I went over to the Rango area and was quite impressed with the game.  I could totally see my boys playing it and having a great time.

The most adorable part?  His 'gun' is actually a popcorn popper that shoots popcorn.  Run out of ammo?  It's actually popcorn kernels that have to heat up again so they can pop.  Loved that.  (As a side note, I'm picking right back up with Rango on the new gaming website - plus more.)

I was surprised and excited to get to meet Danitra (the one who invited me to this event) in person.  She was so nice.  When we were done talking about the game she explained that even though I'd been recruited there for Rango I was welcome to take a look at everything else.

After starting to feel a little at ease with the people I had just been talking to, I was finding myself suddenly... nervous again.  Feeling out of place.  Not as a writer, as a gamer... who's husband and kids are the big gamers.  I walked around looking at different screens, checking out new games... thinking about how my husband would be in heaven here.  Some of the tables didn't give me a second look.  At any other venue I think I would have gone up to them, but here, I was feeling intimidated. 

Until I got to the screens with Gatling Gears and The Fancy Pants Adventures.  Stephanie from EA was so sweet.  She got me talking, sat me down and there I was playing Gatling Gears.  And it was pretty interesting!  I could see my husband and I playing it.  I met so many nice people (who's names I wish I could remember ... I think I'm going to have to invest in a tape recorder for play back). 

Someone else I met? 

Brad Borne. 

As in the creator of The Fancy Pants Adventures Brad Borne. 

Who I sat down next to and he showed me how to play his game.  Incredible!  I am really looking forward to that game coming out too because I know that even the boys will love playing it.  And they are looking forward to it already because Mommy got to bring them home t-shirts from the game!  (Hugely big 'small' t-shirts but I'm working on shrinking them... if all else fails they get cute night shirts.)

I was really doing this.  I was talking, networking... (without my business cards)... first time for everything.  I looked around a little more, sat down and viewed a 3DS with the Simms on it.  Yes, I said a 3DS.  That's not out yet either.  Awesome looking when you look at it correctly, but with all the turning of the screen as I was getting the demo my already bad headache started to go into near migraine mode.  I was done.

Went back to my mom (who was by the way, NOT my mom while we were there... although I totally gave it away at the end by calling her Mom.  D'oh!) and called it a day.  As we walked to get a much needed coffee she told me how proud she was and how I looked like I totally knew what I was doing and she wanted to tell everyone I was her daughter.  Made me feel good.  (But also?  Thrilled she didn't.) 

She had noticed something I thought I had seen but was not sure.  People brought people to this press event.  Like I have a feeling I could have brought my husband and no one would have said anything once I signed myself in.  The original plan was for her to walk me to Crimson and we would meet up later, it was nice they had a spot for her to sit.  I never expected people to just bring others around with them though.  We'll see for next time.

After hitting every Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts we could find only to find no seats and a line we happened to come across Roast Town Coffee.  With seats free.  Got myself a large coffee frappuccino something or other (never drink those, but it was so good and took the edge off my migraine).  We walked around some more and headed back towards the bus looking to pick up dinner on the way.

Found a burger and cupcake place (yes, burgers and cupcakes) and figured if the cops were frequenting it, it must be good.  (Not so much.)  Waited like 25 minutes with only 1 person in front of us for a chicken sandwich and a salad.  My mom said the sandwich was good, but I never ended up touching my salad.  I was exhausted by the time we were back on the bus and well, you know how that turned out.

My husband picked us up when we got back and I would say I was in bed by about 11pm.  Having left the house before 6am, it was a long day.  But oh so much fun.  And I am looking forward to going back to NYC again soon.  Maybe even before Getting Gorgeous in April, we'll have to see what comes up.

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  1. Wow, thats a really long day Cira! :D Brad Borne is the awesomest though.