Tuesday, March 15, 2011

coup d'etat - that's french!

Ever have one of those days that leave you feeling like maybe you should have just stayed in bed?

Uh huh.  Today was that day.  I should have seen the signs.  The boys have spent most of the day yelling and giggling 'Coup D'etat!  That's French!' (courtesy of Phinneas and Ferb). 

The Bunny Bee was up until almost 10pm last night.  After leaving his room over 7 times in under an hour I had given up by 8:30 and just let him sit on the couch with me because I had just had enough of the struggle.  He insisted he would not be tired at all in the morning. 


Want to know who complained he was tired the first half of today?  The Bunny Bee.  Who would also angrily yell it was not because he stayed up late. 

Of course. 

After putting him to bed last night I barely slept.  Not sure why.  Too many things running through my head.  (Bunny Bee and I have that in common I think.)

This morning started off OK I thought.  The twins insisted on wearing headbands like me.  Yeah, I know they are boys and I maybe should not encourage it but they were so proud and it was just adorable.  Look at them 'rocking out'.  See?

Today I told myself I was going to get so much done.  Big Guy to school, ran some errands with the twins ... at home I was folding laundry as the Doodle Bop nagged me to give them a second snack.  I told him no.  Grabbed some last minute recycling to run to the curb and went out the front door.  I was gone Maybe 10 seconds?  As I'm walking up the steps I see the door slam shut and I hear one click, then two.

That kid double locked me out of the house.  Because I would not give him a second snack.  At first he refused to let me in, then he couldn't figure out to unlock the door.  Then he took off.  I was able to convince the Bunny Bee to unlock the locks and let me back in, only to find the Doodle Bop on the couch under pillows - as if I wouldn't be able to see him.

Lets just say the day didn't get much better after that.  If this happened to anyone else I would probably laugh my ass off at them - getting locked out by their 3 year old.  Seriously though?  My 3 year old (THREE!) locked me out.of.the.freaking.house.  I can honestly say that I never ever would have tried that with my own parents.  He can barely reach the top lock.  I can not believe he actually did it and find myself wondering just what he was thinking.

And see this guy?

OK, well he doesn't look like that anymore.  He looks more like... this.

Tomorrow I have to take him to registration.  For Kindergarten.

Where did my baby go?



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