Monday, May 16, 2011

Star light star bright

As you can see I totally disappeared for a week, though not by choice. 

Blogger went down AND I got what I like to call a hella computer virus.  Which has never.happened.before.  It was so bad that it even destroyed the anti virus stuff my husband had previously armed my laptop with and ... then I had no laptop for 4 days while he worked on it between jobs.


Husband is awesome though and I am back to blogging baby!

In fact today you are getting two posts from me.  Two!

First I want to write about pillow pets.  My boys were dying for these things for months.  The Bunny Bee needed the Bumble Bee, the Doodle Bop needed the Frog and the Big Guy was just happy to have any one of them.  How they begged.  Christmas rolled around and my husband and I went nuts trying to find the right ones. 

Wait.  What's that?  We could have just ordered them online?  Yeah.  It's not like we didn't know that too.  No idea why, but we ran around everywhere.  A bee for the bee, a penguin for the one who would take any one, and that darn frog could not be found anywhere

When we finally found one for the Doodle Bop it wasn't actually a pillow pet.  It was a...cuddly pillow & pets.  I know!  I was so worried he would notice it was not the same frog and be disappointed.  Christmas morning he had no idea (still doesn't)... loves that cuddly frog more than anything.  (Till he learns to read.)

They have slept with those things every nap and every night since, even taking them on visits to relatives houses.  About a month ago though, they started getting all excited about the happy nappers commercials.  Have to have them.  I tease them and say that 'the happy napper people just ripped off the pillow pets.  Pillow pets are waaaay better'.  Then the boys tell me no, pillow pets don't turn into anything like the nappers do. 


The last week or so the twins have been giving me a struggle at bedtime.  They can't sleep, they don't understand why they keep dreaming and wishing and yet when they wake up their dreams have not come true.  This floored me.  Where did they get that from?  No clue.  And what do they wish for? 

Race cars and a teddy bear - that talks.  For real.

A few days ago I finally figured out where all this has come from.  From the other room I heard the familiar song.

That's right.  They make all your dreams come true.


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