Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

To my dad, my father in law, my grandfather, my boy's godfather .... you are all amazing.  And especially to my husband.  Words can not express what an incredible dad you are to our three sweet boys.  I will forever be thankful that they have you for a father and role model.

We did Father's Day a bit different this year.  Usually we make the rounds between my dad's and my father in law's houses.  This year since my husband is working so much we visited my dad on Friday and decided we would not be going to the regular Sunday lunch at my father in law's house.  It was a 'daddy and his boys day'.  The Big Guy was so excited for this day he wasn't in bed till after 10pm and was up at 4:45am coming in and out of our room asking me if it was 'time' yet.

Presents, toast, kids dressed and we started the morning with the Will Speck Memorial Race which was started by my friend Juliette to honor her father.  The boys very 1st race.  My husband was so excited he bought them matching white sweatbands the night before.  I got them matching orange t-shirts because I was worried about losing them in the crowd depending on how many kids showed up.  They?  Were freaking adorable!

The boys helped me gather up 6 pairs of their older (but still good) sneakers which no longer fit them and they helped to donate them to other kids in need.  The Big Guy ran the 50M in the 4-5 year old category and took third in a race of three.  He was adorable though.  Tried his hardest, ran as fast as he could and didn't even seem to notice he came in last.  I cheered wildly and snapped a few photos, running over just as he was getting his third place ribbon.  He was so proud I wanted to cry.  I was so proud.

Then it was time for the twins.  Several kids were in the 50M for the 3 year old and under set.  There was one child in between the lanes the twins were in and those hams were the only two boys jogging in place as they waited for the whistle.  The Doodle Bop took second and the Bunny Bee took third.  They would have taken first and second but they spent too much time smiling and waving to the crowd in the bleachers while they ran.  (Only my boys.) 

Photos were taken, the boys had some Pinkberry and we watched the adult race begin before leaving.

Stopped by my dad's to borrow the lawn mower (ours broke) and the boys showed off their ribbons before he went to work.  Only my husband chooses to mow the lawn on father's day.  I said it could totally wait.

After he was done with the yard work the boys helped to make him a late breakfast.  Pancakes, bacon and eggs.  Yum!  We all hung out watching TV on our bed for awhile and it was really nice to have the time together.  Later in the afternoon we went to my father in law's for awhile and then took the boys to 7-Eleven for icees (who's a cool dad)!  Then?  Backyard bbq just us.  We used to have them all the time, but have only managed one since the spring with our crazy schedules.  After dinner my husband lit the fire pit for the first time and the boys had smores.  So good.

Really grateful for this beautiful day and the time spent all together.

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