Monday, July 11, 2011

Coppertone 'tanned' my truck blue

So we started noticing it on the side of the truck, slightly under the gas cap.  This scraped looking blue color.  Who the heck scraped our black truck?  No dents... but this weird blue.  Little by little we start noticing there is more.  What the hell is happening.  The back of the truck?  Now looks like this:

It's everywhere.  Who is doing this to my truck (that I park at night in my garage) ....and for the love of God why.

My husband had an epiphany this weekend.  Where do you sunblock the kids when you hit the beach?

Um... (suddenly don't wanna answer this question)... out behind the truck in the parking lot before we hit the sand. 


My trusty Coppertone WaterBabies Quick Cover Lotion Spray that I swear by has been repaying me by ruining the paint on my beloved truck.  And I didn't even realize it.  And guess what!  Spending money on a really good car wash?  Still doesn't

For the record, the warnings include 'avoid spraying in eyes', something about not inhaling (obviously) and 'do not puncture or incinerate'.  Where on earth is the warning that says 'will wreck the paint on your truck if you spray near it'.

Again.  Only me.

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