Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is it 1995 again?

Have I mentioned my love/hate relationship with Craigslist?

There are times when I'm checking daily, there are times when I don't look for a month or two.  I've gotten great deals off Craigslist - like the giant play structure in my backyard for the boys.  Other times it's been nothing but a headache trying to negotiate something that does not work out.

I happened to see a posting that piqued my interest.  It read:

"if you are looking to go long to short , medium to short, or just any length change, we are offering free haircuts for people willing to pose for before after and during shots at a salon. the gift card can be used however you want either on styling product or just whatever you want to spend it on . email present look from side and back and also the change you are willing to make."

The first time I read it I didn't give it another thought.  It was upon seeing it the second time I was all hmmm.  And since my life doesn't have enough chaos in it already, I thought I'd bring some more upon myself by answering the ad.  It sounded like fun. 

In my head I was all hey a cool new hairdo for free AND I'd get money?!  OK, that ad doesn't say it but another mentioned $50.  Woo hoo I thought.  It said salon so I *imagined* (cause I'm creative like that) some new hairdresser who needed guinea pigs. 

After all, how bad could it be? 

Hair grows back...

I got an e-mail back almost right away, which happened to be just one of several I would receive over the next few days.  The guy never introduces himself, when I question where the salon is he says it depends on what area you are from since there are several (OK so I'm thinking chain) and that he is only the photographer? 

Say what?

Little by little it comes out that he's photographing before and after 'drastic' looks.  I had said I was pretty much OK with anything (because hair grows), but not a pixie.  No way.  Not ever.  Saturday I get an e-mail asking if I would do this to my hair...

Um yeah, wasn't I rocking a look similar to that in 1995... maybe 1996?  Only my angsty college self had it more angled to the front.  What year is it again?  2011?  It is 2011, is it not?  So we're not looking to give this cute hair something updated.

We want to turn me into this.

Yeah no. 

And in between all the e-mails there was talk about the Providence Place Mall maybe and I am getting confused.  Why am I speaking with a photographer?  I start getting Craigslist killer vibes due to his evasiveness and sent him back an e-mail that I was no longer interested and that it didn't sit well with me still not knowing where or when.

He e-mails back that there are a few salons in the Providence Place Mall he could go to and if I change my mind let him know.  Oh OK, so we aren't even working with an actual salon here.  Yeah, um no.  Really, what the hell was I thinking.

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