Sunday, July 31, 2011


Years ago we all fell out of touch. 

My husband (who finally gets his name this post!) Al and Damien went to Norwich together and became good friends.  Damien's girlfriend Caroline and I became friendly as well and would sometimes hang out together when we were both spending the weekend at Norwich.  I have fond memories of military balls, the one and only bar in all of Northfield, and even that time we got kicked out of the party at Dartmouth together (a story which I still find myself telling and laughing over more than 14 years later). 

This was Al and Damien back at Norwich.  They are on the right.  (Should have cropped the photo but I didn't so it stays.)

At some point after college graduation and before we all got married, we drifted apart.  Caroline and I found each other about a year ago on Facebook and Twitter and we would chat online from time to time but none of our schedules ever seemed to work so we could all get together.

Last month at the spur of the moment she drove down from Massachusetts with the kids (who happen to be the same ages as mine) and met us at the beach.  So much fun.  It was like no time had really passed over the years and conversation was so easy.  Al and Damien were both at work that day, so they didn't get to see each other.

Friday we met them all in Maine, along with Damien's parents and some cousins.  It's funny how you can all just pick up like you saw each other yesterday.  Even the kids, who had only played together once before, were off and running once they got warmed up.

We went swimming at the lake

The kids all enjoyed the amazing tree house Damien has been building

After the kids were tucked into bed we spent the night laughing and reminiscing. 
The next morning, there was yet another budding romance.

We took a hike through the buggy woods to see the beaver dams as the kids pretended they were pirates.  (Not, by the way, to be confused with the famous Justin.)

Water balloon fight.

Hot tubbing (in a not too heated yet tub)

The man

And we went back to the lake for some swimming and kayaking.

Giant thank you to Damien, Caroline and their family for a really fun two days.  The boys will talk about this for a really long time.  We look forward to more get togethers in the future.