Friday, July 29, 2011

The wise construction man

This week we made one of our traditional Target runs.  On the way we got stuck on a small bridge being repaired from the old flood damage as we waited for the light to turn.  There was barely room for our truck next to the diggers and work crew. 

The Doodle Bop likes to exercise control over his window and frequently keeps it closed to make some kind of a point to his brothers.  Upon seeing all the action he rolled that window right down and all the boys gasped at once.  Then he yelled something about the concrete they were hoisting up being hue-normous.  Yeah, made up word.  Not even sure how to spell it.  It's a combination of huge and ginormous (which they also made up I think - or maybe not... spell check didn't hit it so it's a word and it stays)... like enormous. 

Anyway, it's a favorite and they use it all the time.

One of the construction workers turned to the boys and patted his hard hat.  He smiled and told the boys it was very important that they stay in school and learn everything they could.  This looks cool now, he said, but at some point it isn't so fun anymore.  With an education you can do anything and you boys look smart enough to be doctors.  I didn't stay in school, so I do this.

Then he chatted them up a little before the light turned and told me how cute they were.  As we drove away I was really in awe that he took a few moments to see how excited the boys were ... and turn it into a small lesson in a positive way.

Very sweet.