Monday, August 15, 2011

Kidspeak, sometimes British

The boys are always saying crazy things. 

Their speech is so much better now compared to when they were little, but there are still some things we seem to say a little... different.  I really started to notice it on vacation.  The twins 'helped' during a magic show by yelling things at a clown.  "Abracadabra. Alla ka-zehm!"  (Instead of kazam.  The Doodle Bop sounds British, I swear.) 

Audrey tweeted something the other day about the way her boys say the word 'girl' (like gurl)... made me laugh because when mine say it it sounds like gah-whirls.  I can't even duplicate they way they say it, but all three say it the same way. 

When the Doodle Bop was smaller there was a commercial about the Earth and he would point at the TV and scream 'Ert! Ert!'  Which for some reason took me weeks to realize he was pointing out the Earth. 

Another oldie but goodie?  Boo bananas.  That my friends?  Would be bananas.  No matter how many times it drove me nuts and I had to correct it, I was still sad to see them finally get it right. 

Things that still come out pretty funny?

Banilla.  Vanilla.

Boo boo bandaids.  Bandaids.

Bwah ders.  Brothers.

Troop a door.  Jupiter.  (Come on, didn't you see that one coming?!  Obviously!)

And one that cracks me up every time.  All three say Statume.  Statue.

But the best part?  Not only is anything that does not move become a statume, but there is the most famous of all.  I'll see if you can guess.

The Statume Mah-libertee!

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