Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why Verizon, why!

Verizon strike.

Still on... what is it now, day eight?

Have to say I was always a huge Verizon fan.  I have never really liked Cox Communications, especially when they were the only game in town for so long.  I remember when I was younger my grandparents had Dimension cable because they lived in Warwick - but it seemed like that was the only place you could get it I think.

Dimension just seemed cooler than what we had.  Stupid Cox.

When Verizon finally came to Rhode Island, Al was all over that.  We were on a waiting list for Cranston before they were even in our city.  When they did start setting up, we were one of the first to get the Verizon FIOS.  It took them hours at our house because we were the first in the area at the time.  Cable, Internet, phones...we've even had our cell service with them for years!!!  Long before we could get the rest of the kit and caboodle at home.

Love my Droid.  I have the original and it has been dying a slow death for the last month or so now due to overuse (who me?  on my phone?) and the fact that I got it when it first came out.  So excited to upgrade to the Droid 3 because I am hooked.  All I had to do was wait for my contract to be up so I could get a new phone.  Know when that was?  WHEN THE STRIKE STARTED!!!!


45,000 on strike.  45,000!

I know it's not specifically Verizon wireless striking.  But they are outside the stores and I just can not cross a picket line.  Can't do it.  Not only that, I personally know people affected.  Someone close to me growing up works for Verizon and she is out on strike.  She is a diabetic.  A good friend's husband works for Verizon and he is out there too - with a wife and triplets to support.  Last I checked one of my uncles (with a wife and four daughters) was a line worker for the company... which means he is most likely out on strike. 

None of them want to be out there doing this.  Not a one.  Why would you want to stand out there in the hot hot sun or the pouring rain - unpaid - and in danger of even losing medical benefits soon?  It scares me that a big company like Verizon is not trying to fix this situation as quickly as possible.  I wonder if they think with the economy the way it is, anyone is expendable.

That?  Would be horribly sad.

Friday we drove by Verizon wireless.  They were no longer striking at the door, but further away.  Still, as much as I want that shiny new phone (in a bejeweled case no less) I just can not bring myself to go through those doors when so much is as stake for so many others.

When will Verizon wake up.


  1. As one of those on the picket line i want to personally thank you for your support, it is greatly appreciated.

    Justin Smitherman

  2. Proud of you to stand by your values. Sean worked for Verizon and believe me, they treat their employees awful. If it were not for the union, they would all be making minimum wage and crappy benefits. Their profits are in the BILLIONS. After their 8 hours, Verizon tells them to pick up another job. I never knew when Sean would be coming home. The union has not been successful stopping Verizon from doing this to the guys on the road. Sean, along with thousands of other workers, was illegally laid off Christmas Eve 2002. The Union sued and won. All the employees had to be rehired and given any lost wages. By then, Sean was in school pursing a new career. Definitely did not want to ge back to Verizon. From a customer standpoint, their customer service is awful. I couldstart my own blog with stories, lol. "Be grateful you have a job" is like saying, "although your spouse beats you, be lucky you have someone."

  3. hope it all ends soon justin. and dawn, thank you. i didn't know sean used to work there. you should start a blog against them! the stories i am hearing are just crazy.