Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pilates hell

Four days into my new gym routine. 

Monday consisted of the treadmill and crunches.  Tuesday had to be a day off due to the Big Guy's procedure.  Wednesday Jules and I hit the treadmill and a core strengthening class in the morning.  I took the boys back with me at night so they could play in the activity center and hit up Zumba (since I won't be home tonight to take them to Family Yoga as usual).  Today I was only on the treadmill a few minutes before we switched to the bikes... and then? 


From hell.

We knew Monday some instructors and classes had been shuffled so there was a new teacher... and she was tough.  She would correct you, but in a good way.  I stink at pilates to begin with but we said we'd be committed to our schedule so in we went.

What used to be a packed room had a handful of girls in it who immediately kissed the instructors patootie when she walked in.  It was wierd.  Like they were ... scared.  Jules and I were puzzled.  Until she began class.  TOTALLY different from the pilates we used to take.  When she wasn't speaking so fast I could barely understand her she was barking commands.

Stop slacking!

Self correct!

Why do I only hear myself breathing?!  Breathe!!!

Modify that!  MODIFY that!

You in the red!  In the Red!  ...Surely she didn't mean me.  MY shirt was maroon and yellow.  I look behind me and realize there is no one in red.  Shit.  Nope, she meant me!

And my favorite part of all (OK not really)...she was so mad some of us were not getting the form right she actually made us do harder more involved things 'because apparently that's what you want since you are trying to go further anyway'.  And something about how we shouldn't test her.

Jules and I did not speak a word the entire hour.  We just exchanged random terrified expressions.  When class was over I started to laugh.  I have no idea why, but I could not help it.  We packed ourselves up as fast as we could and left.  Needless to say, we will not be back for pilates.  Which is really too bad because it had been a good class

Back to the drawing board for Thursday mornings.  I just happy we survived this morning.

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  1. Liza, please place a complaint with the gym. With your name attached,or not. Put your eloquent writing skills to good use. You are paying good money for their facilities AND instructors. There is a huge difference between a teacher that pushes you to your limits, but if you were pushed so far that you will not return to the class because of her terrible attitude, that is not OK. And you have to imagine that if you aren't returning, there are lots of others that aren't returning. There are plenty of people looking for jobs these days. I hope you find a solution.