Saturday, November 26, 2011


Feeling very thankful this weekend.

Got to spend some extra family time with my husband and the kids.  Had a wonderful Thanksgiving that included watching the Macy's Day Parade on TV with the kids, hitting up part of the local East/West football game and not one - but Two - Thanksgiving dinners.  First at my grandparents house (complete with over 14 cousins where the twins tried to run the show at the kids table), then another at Al's parents house afterwards.

That night the boys had their annual sleepover while Al and I went home to scour the Black Friday ads and spend the next morning shop shop shopping.  Love our little tradition.  We avoided the midnight openings in favor of sleep and didn't venture out till after 4am.  Perfect choice.  Still managed to get most of what we were looking for and at the same time avoided the crowds.  Capped off the morning with a late breakfast and a nap before bringing the kids back home.

Last night we played the Just Dance video games with the kids and watched a movie too.  Today was more low key, Al had to work during the day - but pizza the kids helped Al make is now in the oven and tomorrow we are surprising the boys with tickets to the Phineas and Ferb live show at the PPAC.  (Al won a pair a few months back.)  The boys have been wanting to go and have NO IDEA what's to come.

Feeling very blessed right now.