Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bum diggity

What's that thing they say about the best laid plans?

Yeah.  That.

Day 1 of that getting back in shape sure has not worked out as planned.  Instead of spending the morning in the gym after taking the kids to school, only one kid made it to school while two ended up in the doctor's office.  No one is really sick, but the last few days I have noticed the twins had a small irritation on their derrieres shall we say. 

Which last night became all too much for them to bear.  When they were small everything irritated their skin.  They had horrible eczema.  I will never forget it getting so bad it got infected, even though we were treating it under a doctors care... taking the twins to bed with us one night.  Mittens on so they couldn't scratch.  Holding them because they couldn't sleep.  (Only for the mittens to make it worse before we could again switch to something new at the doctors in the morning.)


The point is while they once had terribly sensitive skin, the last 2 years maybe have been totally fine.  I no longer needed to wash new clothes before they got to wear them, they didn't break out from sunblock... I didn't even have to use special detergents for them anymore.  Things were going great!  I had chalked this up to a return of the eczema.  And I knew it wasn't contagious because it had not spread anywhere else, or to anyone else.

There was no way I could send them to school this morning.  Last night I put them in the tub and the Bunny Bee was dragging his bum back and forth in an attempt to itch.  Made me so sad for him.  Aquaphor, Benadryl cream... it all helped a little but not enough.  Al was up really late last night working and he said they were up several times.

This morning, here we sat.

They were furious with me that I would not take them to school.

Look at those faces!

They were convinced they would get shots and it did not matter how many times I told them that was not why we were there.  Once they saw the doctor, they finally calmed down when she confirmed the same for them.  And just as I suspected, no one is contagious.  They can go back to school... as long as they are not actively itching their derrieres - because the school won't like that.

She doesn't know what caused it but it could be the new underwear that I did not wash (because they were too excited to wear).  I feel like such a bad Mom for that.

When we got home they were upset to take off another pair of new undies and put on old ones - that did not have Star Wars and Legos on them.  I put some 1% Hydro cortisone cream on the rash and started a big load of all their laundry, all new unworn Christmas clothes included.  The next few days will include a new soap, bath time (instead of showers) each night, Aquaphor before bed and the Hydro cortisone cream in the morning. 

Do you know those kids even made me wash the shirts in this photo, so they could wear them to school tomorrow?  They actually changed when they got home.  Apparently they made sure to dress cool for Pre-K today.

While I am so thankful this is nothing on the scheme of things, it figures that I couldn't even get started right on Day 1 here.  No breakfast bar, no gym... a coffee on the go.  I did manage to eat a salad for lunch though so maybe I can turn this day around a little.  It is freezing out but I am considering bundling up the kids for a short walk later. 

At any rate, here's to getting to the gym tomorrow morning (with the twins back in school)! 

Shout out to the boys with "Bum diggity, bum doubt" ... yes, to the tune of the Blackstreet song No Diggity ... changed the lyrics when they were small and they love it.  When they get in their booster seats I tell them to sit on their bum diggities and then I sing. 

So appropriate today.


  1. awww... the poor boys!!! i remember averi went through an eczema period and it tortured her.. hers was around her diaper line along her stomach and back and luckily, it went away after a couple months of aquaphor/hyrdocortisone. i can only imagine what you have gone through! hope they're feeling better soon and glad they're excited about getting back in school. :)

    ps- you're not a bad mom for not washing the underwear. we've ALL not washed new clothing. you're busy and they get excited and at some point we all say, "ugh.. who cares. just put the damn things on." i know i have!! lol.

  2. thank you jen. :) that does make me feel a bit better. and lol because your quote there is pretty close to what i am SURE came out of my mouth. glad averi's eczema is gone now, that stuff is terrible!

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