Monday, January 2, 2012

Not a New Years Resolution

Here we are again.  Talking about weight loss

And what I am going to do. 

I don't need to tell you how I never seem to follow through since I had the boys.  The skinny old athletic me?  She's been gone for 6 years now.  Each time I start and start to lose weight?  Something comes up and I stop.  And the me now has all different clothes in more sizes than I care to count.

After getting a whopping case of bronchitis and ending up at the doctors twice in two weeks, my doctor and I had a long talk last week.  I was down from 186 to 180 and thrilled I had lost 6 pounds.  Well, I didn't see you at that weight, he said sarcastically, and you still have weight to lose.  Don't get me wrong, I love my doctor.  And he wasn't being mean.  Somehow we can joke around but he can still tell it like it is.  I like that.

He asked me if I was finally tired of not losing the weight since the kids.  You know what I replied.

And we made a plan.  That he didn't really need to tell me, because I was once a physical education major in college.  But since I haven't actually followed through, he launched right in with what was going to happen.  It wouldn't be a New Years thing, it would just sort of happen to coincide with the New Year because he wanted me to wait till the day the boys got back to school from vacation. 

Wait till Tuesday, he said.

Get up, eat one of those bars for breakfast (because I hate breakfast, I don't eat breakfast... but a bar?  I guess I can do that much... come to think of it I've been doing that part a week now).  Take the boys to school, drive myself right to the gym and take a class or hit the treadmill.  Drink all of my water.  Which I have to refill and drink again by 4 and another by bedtime.  Hungry between meals?  Eat a handful of peanuts (which I purchased).  Totally OK to have small snacks here and there. 

And I have to walk a minimum of 20 minutes a day.  He said that's the most important part. 

Follow that and in 6 months - by June - when you want to start hitting the beach with the kids he said... I should be down 30 pounds.  30!!! 

OK so at first I was frustrated... six months from now... so.far.away.  But then I thought about how the next 6 months will also fly by and how good it will feel then.  I can do this the way he broke it down.  Water I'm not so fond of... but I think I can do this. 

I am going to do this.

Because it's more than time I did.


  1. 20 min.. i could do that... What if you made it longer than 40 min each day but had two days without "planned" exercise. I am currently creating a monthly calendar that schedules all of me. My daycare plans, my blog plans for eachday/post ideas, and what days and how long i workout.

  2. thanks eschelle, that is not a bad idea! and i love putting things on the calendar so maybe i should start scheduling. lol good luck with your workouts! :)