Friday, January 6, 2012

Cards for Cole

Today, the post is not about me - or my boys.  I just read one of blogger JenBShaw's posts about her cousin's son Cole, who has terminal Acute Lymphatic Leukemia.

Monday is his 5th birthday. 

Having 4 year old twins and a brandy new 6 year old, this is beyond heartbreaking to me.  I talked with the boys about how Mommy knows of another blogger who asked that we send birthday cards to a little boy who is sick, to help to make him happy.  The boys were very excited and are making him cards as we speak.

I know it's late notice, his birthday is Monday ... but if you can get a card out I can only imagine how surprised this little boy will be.  (I love how bloggers pull together!) 

Here is the address:

Cole Dieckman
PO Box 9
Joy, IL 61260