Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nothing else matters

So wow, it's been nearly a week since I last blogged.  Apologies.  Just when I think I have a good pattern down life takes over.  I always think to myself it is when I have the absolute most to say, that I end up saying nothing.  I'm about to throw a lot of things into this post ... so here we go.

Regarding my last post on Jessica Alhquist ... created an intense firestorm of comments on facebook that I was not quite prepared for and have to admit as much as I wanted to jump in, I held back for the most part.  While I am very interested in both sides, the last week also made me quite sad.  No matter what the outcome, no one will ever be happy... and some of the comments people make to try and prove their point... their side... are just cruel. 

The day after that post, my mom reminded me of something I had long since forgotten.  When we were small (back in the 80's), our elementary school had big wonderful Christmas parties... until the year a younger family on our street complained because they were Jewish ... and they wanted an end to the parties.  And they stopped.  No fight.  Just like that. 

Only that was not the end, because that mother would then come into the school during Hanukkah and rather militantly (my words, not my moms) 'teach' everyone the Dreidel. 

Everything ended because of one family's complaint. 

But if you think about it, while we were no longer able to celebrate Christmas in school at all, she was able to come in and teach the Dreidel.  How is that fair?  As a kid I didn't understand.  As an adult, I think it's horrible.  Why could we not have incorporated both Christmas and Hanukkah into a big multi faith/cultural celebration.  Hasn't the same thing sort of been done with the prayer banner at West?  We haven't added to anything, we just take away the moment one person doesn't like something.

As for the threats against Jessica, I do find that really sad.  I may completely disagree with her, but I would never wish her harm.  Its sad to see what its doing to the city right now.

On another note, the boys have been sick for what seems like forever... and last week it got so much worse.  Around the time I was writing up that last post, the Big Guy came down with a high fever and a migraine and the twins were still coughing up who knows what.  (Sounded like lungs.)  They all missed the end of the school week and even Al found himself sick again.  Same lung problems as last time... only this year we no longer have a guinea pig and they don't know why it's happening.  His lungs may have weakened because of all the months he was sick last year, and we may be looking at a recurrence each winter now.

I was starting to feel pretty down.  Living in a house with 4 sick people... cancelling our weekend full of fun plans... missing my honorary baby girl's 3rd birthday party... yeah, I was not blogging.  Then the news came yesterday that my old field hockey friends and I lost an amazing friend from way back when.  Stage 4 breast cancer.  It didn't matter how many years it had been since we had seen each other last, we were all affected in some way.  33 is just too young and its incredibly sad she is no longer here with us.  Yesterday was a day of memories and realizing that no matter how bad things are, we are here and we are OKAnd some fights, some arguments, they mean nothing compared to a life.

So today I blog.

Rest in peace Barbara.  You had such an infectious bubbly personality and you are missed by so many.  I hope you know how many people's lives you touched.

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