Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mr. Sickie McSickensick and the new year

Happy New Year all! 

It's been awhile since I have blogged, though it's been on my mind daily.  Mental notes to blog about Lasalette, Christmas, sledding in the park with the boys... but something was always coming up.  Then New Years Eve was here and we were staying in with the boys.  Party hats, 'snack dinner' (which is what the boys call it when I make lots of hors d'oeuvres), special cups with cherries in ginger ale... we were toasting the New Year (several hours early).

After we were all dancing in the kitchen.  With glow sticks.  In the dark.  And it was so much fun.  Not just for the boys, but my husband and I were enjoying it too. 

Then my husband started coughing, which was followed by full on wheezing.

And 15 minutes later we had dropped the boys off at my parents house so I could take him to the local treatment center.  It was not even 7pm and the treatment center hours said they were open till 9pm, yet we could not get inside.  All the lights were on but the doors were locked.  I tried calling them and the machine said they were open - but clearly they were not.

I gave my husband a choice of 2 hospitals, whether he liked it or not we were going straight to one of them.  After some protesting he picked one and off I drove.  The moment he saw how full the emergency lot was (we got the very last spot) he was not getting out, assuring me he would be fine waiting till the morning.  I was teary.  I didn't want to leave.  Him not being able to breathe scares the hell out of me.  Makes me flash on thoughts of a life without him.  Not somewhere I want to go.

Against my better judgement we drove back to my parents house.  I went in to get the boys and my parents were awesome enough to say no, how about they sleep over since chances are we were going to end up at the hospital sooner or later.  I had nothing for the boys packed up, I'd dropped them off in their clothes with their beloved pillow pets only in case they got tired depending on how late we were.  To the boys it was an adventure.  The first time all 3 had slept over together at my parents and they were so excited.  My dad made it a camp out in the living room for them and they had a blast.

At home I was so grateful not to have the boys there.  We didn't get any sleep.  By 3am I should have over rode his decision and taken him to the hospital, the wheezing was that bad.  New Years morning we were at the treatment center waiting before they opened and were taken right in.

X-rays came back a winner for... Pneumonia!  Another shot and a breathing treatment.

He stopped the breathing treatment to say 'Uh, you're not going to facebook that are you'.  To which I replied 'No honey.  Just blog it.  Um, which means I'll link it on facebook.  So....yeah'.

Another hour, scripts for 4 meds later and written out of work for a week he was allowed to leave.  I took him home, picked up the boys from my parents, and spent the rest of the day cooking soups.  Like this lovely garlic one.

That's right, garlic soup. 
He's miserable, he doesn't want to be stuck home for the week trying to get better, and his wife is making him eat things like garlic soup and take oxygen baths she looked up online.  (Since you asked, it's a hot bath with hydrogen peroxide, sea salt and baking soda ... supposed to help remove the toxins from the body.) 
Damn it though, I am going to kick this pneumonia's ass.
So that's what we've been up to.  Today my mother in law was cool enough to come pick up the boys and keep them not only for Sunday lunch but all the way up until bedtime which also rocked.  I'm not even sick but I really needed the downtime as well.  Definitely did not mind napping with my husband and watching movies on the couch. 
Tomorrow though, it's back to reality for me.  The Big Guy's winter vacation is over so it's back to school in the morning.  I have several overdue posts to write up for Buy-Her, work to get done, laundry... and taking care of Mr. Sickie McSickensick who will be residing on the couch - against his will - for the next 7 days at least.

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