Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby fever, pre-K style

Last night the boys and I were snuggling on the couch before they went to bed.  They had gotten in trouble so there was no TV, yet they insisted on sitting in the dark (like they do when they actually watch TV before bed). 

With nothing else to do, they suddenly had lots to chat about as they all tried to cuddle with me at the same time.  (That was so much easier when they were all tiny!)

Out of what seemed like nowhere, the Doodle Bop asked for a baby.

You want a what?! I gasped.

Baby!!  Angel has a baby.  Cam has a baby.  I want to be a big brudder.  Get a baby... boy.

When I got over the shock I had to laugh.  Angel and Cam are his 4 year old friends in pre-K... who clearly do not have babies.  But their moms have had babies recently.  And now the Doodle Bop - who is technically the youngest in the family - thinks he can just order one up to be one of the cool kids.

The Bunny Bee and the Big Guy agreed with the baby part, but decided they wanted a gwhirll!

There was a time I (quite a while ago) where I remember asking the boys if they wanted a baby brother or sister and they all looked at me and said no more babies... and the Big Guy made some kind of comment about how there were too many kids in this house.

To think I always thought the boys would come home from school asking for things like the newest pair of sneakers someone wore, or a new toy a friend got. 

Nope, my kids are requesting a baby.