Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The official eight

Eight years ago today, Al and I got married.

I was telling the boys about the day this morning...how it was the day before my birthday.  It was rainy and cloudy that morning before the church, but it cleared up a bit later.  We had a 'big party' after called a reception. 

The boys were not impressed.  They didn't understand why we left our 'babies' behind, no matter how many times I tried to explain this was long before they were all born.  The only thing they did want to hear about was the trip we took after, when I got to swim with dolphins in Mexico.  They were suddenly so impressed!  Then again?  Hey why didn't we go!!!

What I left out of the story, was that their Daddy and I spent weeks and weeks in dance lessons before the big day... so we could have a really special first dance.  To this day the song still makes me melt.  And I love that Al spent all that time dancing with me each week before the wedding.

I wish I had a video of that dance.  Because we so rocked it!

Happy Anniversary Alfredo.  8 plus 10.  I love you more each day.

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